Contest!!!! Details Here…

Okay Housespouses and Singles as well…

I don’t really know what I’m doing with this contest, just know there will be better ones to come. You will have until September 29, 2005 to post your response. Starting September 30, 2005 you will email your vote to me and I will tally up the winner and announce it on October 2, 2005!!! Email me at when the time comes. I’ll annouce the email again when the voting begins on the 29th.

So, if you were to win by gaining the most votes as determined by people visiting the site and emailing me, you will get a Beijo wallet…Yes, It’s a women’s wallet but I want the men out there to vote too…just for the sake of winning…and you could score a little gift for the woman in your life… So here goes…

*****Describe the funniest thing you’ve ever seen someone do naked…It can be you or simply a story you’ve heard…don’t use names unless it’s yours…Sorry if this stinks, but give it a shot…*****

I’ll try to get a picture up of the wallet and describe it better!

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  1. True Story!!!!! She wasn’t completely naked though!!!!
    My husband, father and mother, and I were walking near our house when I was pregnant. There is a cute little “circle” in the neighborhood that I walked when I was pregnant. Anyway, my father would always talk about this woman who was a little bizarre— but, we never believed his stories.
    Well, this fall night AROUND 6PM, there she was, in her front yard, PULLING WEEDS, BENDING OVER—-She only had a shirt on….NO UNDERPANTS, NO SKIRT, NO JEANS, NOT EVEN GARDENING SHOES!!!!!
    So, the next Wednesday, when our neighborhood paper is issued, in the “crime blob” there was a paragraph on how the police received several calls about a woman naked, doing yard work….. the woman was issued a citation for indecent exposure.
    Suffice it to say, my husband and father both love to tell this story…..

  2. This is not a “completely naked” story, either, so it might have to be disqualified. Nevertheless, it’s too funny not to share:

    My husband’s best friend’s mother went skiing with her girlfriend, whose name was Mrs. Pickle. (No, really — it was!)

    On the top of a slope, Mrs. Pickle decided that she needed to pee. So she shuffled over to a small stand of trees, peeled her pants down to her ankles, squatted in the snow, and began to do her business.

    Halfway through the act, Mrs. Pickle’s skiis began to slide out from under her. It all happened too fast for her to grab onto anything, and before she knew it, Mrs. Pickle was sliding down the snowy slope, squatting, peeing, her pants down around her ankles, and her frozen bum flashing for all to see.

  3. Okay, I’m glad I’m not voting because Jill’s had me laughing out loud–the added movement element did it for me. I will clarify–the people in your story don’t have to be totally nude to qualify–semi will do fine.

  4. If you don’t believe this, my husband and best friend will verify! I am not sure if this is a funny naked moment or just the most horrendously embarrassing thing that has EVER happen to me.

    Okay, I was at one point in my life I was an art major, for about two semesters before I got pregnant. Then I decided at nine months pregnant I owed it to the art world to be a figure model (totally nude). This is weird for me because I am normally totally self conscious (it wasn’t until I lived with my husband, then boyfriend, before he saw me naked in the light of day). But as a big round preggo mama, I felt proud of my bod.
    Well, about the third time of modeling, I was working for a totally weirdo teacher. I was standing in the middle of the room, holding umbrellas for fuck sake, and my water BROKE. It began as a slow dribble, and worked it’s way to a steady stream. Well, I wasn’t sure what to do at first. Finally I said, “I am leaking and I need to go check it out.”
    I saw the art the students had done afterwards, and they all had rivers and water themes, so apparently it was still inspirational. I still wonder who had to clean that up.

  5. Kathie, you are so kind! Thanks for helping pacifiy my wails of “no one will ever buy this or care”. (Funny, my anxiety is growing the more I write. Ah, the simpler days.) The book is progressing and I’m pushing myself to keep going in the snippets of time I have, although sometimes all I want to do is READ a book or sleep. How are your two?

  6. Okay, not funnier than those above (awesome stories), but still funny. I didn’t witness this myself, though our host Kathie, among several other friends, did. It was the night of my husband’s law school graduation (about 6 months before I even knew him) and needless to say, he got extremely drunk and, eventually, naked. Now from what I understand, no one else was naked, but he didn’t seem to mind. And he apparently tried to carry on a very normal conversation with our friend Ellen, who was, I’m told, very uncomfortable and trying desperately to conclude the conversation, but to no avail. Then somehow, he ended up astride a cement donkey (still naked…him, not the donkey) in his brother’s back yard. I can’t really determine what happened after that…I think everyone eventually went home and left my guy to his naked self, but not before a slew of pictures were taken. I have several, two of him astride the cement donkey and one of him in an official dive pose (picture taken from behind). I kiddingly put the naked dive picture in a really nice silver picture frame, alongside picture of family…thinking that my husband would see it right away and laugh and take it out. Well, I forgot about it and my sister and brother-in-law came over and I was cooking in the kitchen when I heard a scream of laughter…they had seen the picture that I forgot to remove….thank God it wasn’t my mom.

  7. This is what I love about nudity, actually all the stories above…very matter of fact…as though being nude is as usual as being clothed…in the three of the cases…the skiing one less matter of fact, but I’d still be laughing out loud if I actually saw it.

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