Assertive Problem Solving

I’m sure this will come as no great shakes for most moms out there, but I finally reached the end of my patience for getting no sleep every night and came up with a plan…got the kids new “character” pillow cases, hauled out Jake’s safety bed rail so to create a fort-like sleeping experience and announced that each one must stay in bed, no questions asked. They both nodded as though they understood perfectly what I was ordering them to do…we’ll see…deep in the night..think positive Kathie, think positive.
Balancing out my lack of sleep and complaints about life’s miniscule aggravations is the staggering Hurricane situation…all those babies and children and their horrified parents. Of course they’re running out of stores gripping all the pampers they can get their hands on. This is surprising?

3 thoughts on “Assertive Problem Solving

  1. Hey there. I find when I get really fed up with a situation with the kids is when something really happens with it. So good luck tonight.
    I had to just blog about the New Orleans thing too. It so sad. I can’t even imagine what it must be like to be there.

  2. Thanks Sheila,

    Jake and Beth stayed in their beds, but I had to go in and fuss with them, reminding them of the plan, but not giving in. I have to believe, that with consistency, this will pass. Your blog is awesome–I’ll get you on my blogroll when I learn to do it…

  3. Good for you! I like the fort thing…I am not looking forward to my kids being out of the crib. Kate needs to get in the big girl’s bed, but I am holding off as long as I can. Stick to your guns! You are a wonderful mommy!

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