Lost in a sea of…

urine. Two nights in a row I had to clean up accidents in the middle of the night. The first night was Jake, we let him have too much water before bed…he had been swimming all day in the hot sun and we figured his body would absorb it. Wrong.

Last night when he made his nightly pilgrimage into our bedroom, I gave him a detour to the bathroom and thought the problem was solved. It was for him. But around midnight Beth padded in saying she was wet. She isn’t potty trained so that was no biggie, but upon investigation, it looked as though the diaper had failed. She must have rolled over in some funky way that left a gap between her body and the diaper because the diaper was barely full and the bed was puddled…

This wouldn’t be so bad if I wasn’t woken up every couple of hours by one of them demanding I make an appearance in their bedroom or showing up in ours. I scurry to the screaming child’s room because if one of them wakes up the other…By the third time that I’m awoken I can’t get back to sleep.

My neurologist told me the best thing I can do for MS is get a lot of rest…Don’t see it happening. Fellow mothers, houswives, a little help? How can I get these kids to stay asleep?


5 thoughts on “Lost in a sea of…

  1. We all may have to launder dirty undies, but the question is: how do you keep the kiddos asleep?

    I don’t have any tips, I’m just learning myself. 🙂

  2. Sedatives? Hee hee…just kidding. Sorry…no good advice here. My daily proclamations that this crappy sleeping thing is going to change once and for all seem to fall by the wayside every evening around 8. My husband and I lay with our kids (me with Anna, Brian with Joe) for no less than an hour, but most often, closer to 2 hours — is that insane or what. How does Supernanny make it look so easy? Anyway, Kathie, I feel your pain.

  3. Hey lisa, last night was a little better, they stayed in bed, but I had to go in and talk them into staying there. Nanny 911 nanny 911. Get on your plan and do it…one of us has to get some sleep sometime.

    Beth, you have angel boy and you deserve him.

  4. I agree with Lisa…sedatives might work! I am sure that you have read many books, but a girl I know in Annapolis just published a sleep book. She is called the Sleep Lady, and she counsels hundreds of exhausted parents for $250 an hour. I can’t remember the name of the book, but I will find out. She supposedly has the all the answers…

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