Meet Martha Swiss!

Want to get to know Martha Swiss, garden whisperer cropped-cropped-003and co-coordinator of Dogwood & Basil: Tending Your Writing Life Retreat? Here’s your chance. As you’ll see, her botanic resume is long and rich… mine? Well, let’s just keep our eyes on Martha for today.

Martha Swiss is a garden writer, designer and teacher and has been a volunteer for the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden for 17 years. She is a regular contributor to Pennsylvania Gardener Magazine and her articles have appeared in The American Gardener, Fine Gardening and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. She writes haiku for fun.

A graduate of Chatham University’s landscape design program and a master gardener, Martha helps clients envision landscapes that are useful and easy to care for, while providing beauty and support for pollinators, birds and other wildlife. She previously worked for engineering societies for more than 30 years as a technical and marketing writer, website manager, book acquisitions editor and intellectual property manager.

Martha’s one-acre garden has been photographed for Organic Gardening, The Cottage Journal, Hobby Farms Magazine and Pennsylvania Gardener Magazine. She and her husband, the author Larry Ivkovich, live in Robinson Township with their two cats.

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