I’ve re-sorted the chapter notecards according to each character’s story and done the same with the hardcopy of the document as it stands right now… Next: on to creating three different computer files so that I can rewrite each book! Shouldn’t take too long. Most of it is written–just need to redo so that it all works across the books and within each book. begin again
Book titles for each of the new books. I think I’ll keep Jeanie’s book as “The Garden Promise” and come up with new titles for Katherine’s book and Tommy’s book. For now, the 1905 thread will go into only Jeanie’s story because she is the bridge between both kids in these stories. And as of now I’m thinking her story should be last in this series of 3… Or not… Is it better to show Jeanie’s story first and then break out into Katherine’s and Tommy’s? So much to consider, but I’m so excited to have made this decision. One 800 page book would have been too unwieldy and not marketable. Each of these will be around 300 pages once I’m done… Since pulling each character’s story out of the big one and into his own book I feel like making each tale correct and compelling is doable.