Love From Mama — the second collection of family letters

Letters book coversAs part of the upcoming launch of THE ROAD HOME I am putting out a second book of Arthur family letters. Again, these are real letters, not a novel. Some people love to read things like this in order to get the flavor of a another time and place. So, if you would enjoy a view into the past then this collection is for you!

The first collection called MY DEAR FRANK is a group of love letters Jeanie wrote to Frank during the year of their engagement–before they went homesteading on the prairie. LOVE FROM MAMA is a second, much longer collection of letters by Jeanie, her children (including the real James who did not die on the prairie!), relatives and some friends. These letters were invaluable in helping me create the context of the time in a way that is truly unique and that stretches beyond strongly held stereotypes. The contrast in Jeanie’s voice between the two sets of letters is just incredible. The first set is full of hopeful, poetic thoughts as well as her dreams and plans. The second set reflects the reality of a divorced mother living in the early 1900’s as she struggles to keep her children together. I’ve culled a number of interesting phrases and issues that I will be sharing here soon!