Turning the Tables: Part VII– Welcome, Jami Deise of Chick Lit Central

I’m so excited to have the chance to ask Jami Deise, Chick Lit Central, a few questions! She blogs at the very active and prestigious site that offers readers an incredible view into the world of writing that women love! They have it all, interviews with authors, reviews and insights!  Be sure to check it out– if you love chick-lit, this site is for you!
  1. What was your favorite subject in school? Least favorite? – I was not a great student, so it’s more a matter of “least horrible” and “absolute worst.” Drama was probably my favorite, and math made me cringe.
  2. In the book, the name of Carolyn’s love interest is “Jeep,” or “Money” as she pseudo-affectionately calls him. What’s your favorite character “pet name” from a book or movie? – I’m a Janet Evanovich fan, so I’ll pick “Ranger” … that can’t be his real name, right?
  3. Coors Light or Chardonnay? – Coors Light in a sports bar. For dinner out, I’d pick the wine (although I’m a Pinot Grigio girl, not Chardonnay)
  4. What teacher do you remember most? Why?    — My high school English teacher, Mrs. Herman. Her red pen was legendary and she taught me so much about writing and editing. Thanks to her, I will never use “this” without a proceeding noun.
  5.  What advice would you give to young women just out of college? – Your first job can make or break your entire career. Save as much money as you can so if you’re forced to take a free internship you can afford it. Managing a Gap might look like your best option for money but it will set you on a path away from the professional career you went to college to achieve.
  6. Is your first post-college love, someone to remember or someone to forget, why? – Well, I married him and we’re still married 22 years later, so I guess he’s someone to remember!
  7. Talk about your first job—one to remember or one to forget? Why? – My first job definitely set me on the path for my career. I was very lucky in that my father secured it for me. The transition from college to office life is a tough one with many mistakes. I learned from some of them, but what it emphasized the most is how important networking is to getting the right job.
  8. In thinking about your circle of friends right out of college—what do you remember most about the time you spent together? – I was working hard and spending all my free time with my now-husband, so I didn’t have a lot of time for friends.
  9. How about villainous bosses? Was your first job a version of “Devil Wears Prada” or “Mentor from Heaven?” – My first boss didn’t know a lot, which I didn’t realize until much later in my career, but she was a good person, and she tried. I’ve had villainous bosses and good ones. The worst bosses, in my mind, are not the “Devil Wears Prada” type, but the insecure ones that constantly belittle and undermine you because they feel threatened by your talent. If you’re in a small organization and can’t escape, the stress can be life-altering.
  10. Did your in-laws welcome you with open arms or scare you off with inside jokes and hoops to jump through? – Open arms… I married my husband to be part of that family.
  11. Carolyn’s hopefully someday future sisters-in-law used “The House of Mirth” to talk about her in negative ways…did you ever feel like you were a character in a book? Not a book… but sometimes a soap opera!