Welcome Bonnie Trachtenberg!

Bonnie is the author of the award-winning, best-selling novel, WEDLOCKED, and now is releasing her newest title, NEUROTICALLY YOURS. We are so lucky to have her here to discuss her writing and her books.

She has written extensively in many genres and formats. Wedlocked and Neurotically Yours are don’t miss novels! Whether you’re taking a vacation or stay-cation or just finding little moments to plug reading into your life, Bonnie’s books are the perfect way to do it!

She has that special knack for bringing hilarious situations to life and then turning our emotions with a gentle, touching nudge. Perfect. Thanks so much for being here, Bonnie!

Wedlocked has been an incredible success and now you’re releasing Neurotically Yours…could you talk a little about how the books are similar?

Sure. They are both romantic comedies with strong and quirky female protagonists hoping for love and creative success. They also both have in-depth characters and story lines that aren’t just funny, but sometimes poignant.

Where do you find your inspiration for your characters and plots?

I get inspiration from so many places, mostly real life. My first book, Wedlocked, was based on my first brief, disastrous marriage and honeymoon in hell. Needless to say, the heroine, Rebecca, is a lot like me, and many of the other characters are based on real people or composites of people I know. Neurotically Yours came mostly from my imagination, but it was informed by real experiences from my life and my friends’ lives. I find that the crazy, colorful, and amusing people I’ve known, as well as the many bizarre experiences I’ve had in life combine to inspire my books.

What’s the best part of being an author for you?

The best part is having so many people read and enjoy my stories, which until now only existed in my head. When people read my books, they are sharing in my life experiences and that makes me feel more akin with others. Being able to make people laugh out loud is just the best feeling! Oh, and I like coming to work in my pajamas, too.

Can you talk a little bit about your writing rituals if you have some?

I don’t really have a writing ritual, but when I don’t feel like writing, I sometimes turn on the T.V. and “watch” while I’m checking email, etc. Then I pull up whatever I’m working on and begin to read it over. Soon I start getting into it and have to mute the T.V. Then eventually, I shut the television altogether and find I’m completely engrossed in my work. Kind of like easing into a hot tub.

What are you writing now?

Blogs, lots of blogs! I have a big blog tour planned for Neurotically Yours and I’m frantically preparing for it. I plan to begin work on my third novel (God willing!) in June.

What advice would you give to new writers?

Learn everything you can about social marketing, even if you have to hire someone to teach you. Whether you are an author or some other kind of writer, you will want to draw people’s attention to your work. Learn Facebook and Twitter and get your name and your book or other project out there on a daily basis. You’ll be surprised at all the helpful people and opportunities that will come your way. Take advantage of them.

Once you have an idea of what your characters are going to be like, how do you bring them to life?

I have an idea of them in my head and then I just start writing. Pretty soon, they begin to write themselves with little effort on my part. The longer I spend with them, the more real they become in my mind, as well as on the page.

What type of writer are you–panster, planner?

When it comes to writing books, I’m a planner. The task is just too overwhelming for me otherwise. I need to start with an outline of sorts to know where the story will go in a general sense. Then I fill in the details when I start to write. I also employ index cards, each with a scene on it, to give me an overview of what’s going on. I post them on my cork board and move them around when necessary. Of course I often deviate from my “plans” along the way, which makes writing a lot more fun!

Bonnie Trachtenberg is the award-winning, bestselling author of Wedlocked: A Novel and Neurotically Yours: A Novel. She writes a monthly relationship and advice column for LoveaHappyEnding.com. Bonnie was senior writer and copy chief at Book-of-the-Month Club and has written seven children’s book adaptations. She has also written for three newspapers and penned countless magazine articles. She lives on Long Island with her husband, four cats and a dog.

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