Come Back To Me…

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Melissa Foster’s novel, Come Back To Me, is women’s fiction–a story that will force you into late night reading, possibly cause you to be tardy at work the next day as you flip pages in between your Lucky Charms and toweling off! It’s a story of a couple who find their well-ordered life suddenly shattered and they are left to forge new paths. Tess and Beau…She is a business savvy wife who finds out she’s pregnant. Good, yes? Well, not if your husband Beau is off on a photo shoot in Iraq and turns up missing…turns up dead…or NOT! Tess must grieve and Beau must simply find a way to survive…then they can be reunited.

Life rarely goes as planned…Beau and Tess learn that lesson in ways they never imagined.

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Mark Your Calendars! | Women’s Literary Cafe
WoMen’s Literary Cafe is proud to host a launch party to celebrate the release of bestselling, award-winning author, Melissa Foster’s highly anticipated third novel, COME BACK TO ME (Greenforge Books). Read EXCERPT

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