SOOOO, what do you think about the new site?

I love my new house! Hope it looks good to all my kind readers! Look for blog posts about the book and everything related to it. And thanks again for reading!

3 thoughts on “SOOOO, what do you think about the new site?

  1. Congratulations Kathie!
    The beautiful photograph stirs the kind of ambiance to which the readers of your new book would be transported. I can’t wait to read “The Last Letter.”
    Best of Luck!

  2. Kathie, congrats on the book deal and the refreshed website. Can’t wait to read more! (I’m inspired to start up again, too.)


  3. Kathie, I just delved into your new home. LOVE your site! AND the letter…all I can say is WOW. “Goodbye and accept your Jeanie’s love.” By reading the letter your posted, I just can’t believe all they had to think of in those days and how Jeanie actually put her feelings, thoughts on paper puts a romantic spin on things. I don’t even think I wrote Kevin a letter (except a quick text or email) in about 10 years! But that was the only way of communication in those days, and being a woman was also so extremely different than now. I can’t, can’t wait to read the Last Letter!

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