The Bob Chronicles


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This is Bob, the new addition to the family, the third child and sweet boy!

Jake named him Bob and Beth chose his middle name–Golden.

So, Bob Golden Shoop is making himself comfy at the old homestead.

He’s a typical puppy–tons of work, but cute and trouble.

So, everyone say it at once…awwwww.

Or ewww. I know, not everyone loves dogs. Some people hate them.

Our neighborhood has a lot of haters and dog owners who are afraid to let them play with others.

Very strange.

Worst Bob situation so far?

Uhhh, can’t think of it now, but if you ask my husband, I think he’s got a notorized list available.

He is a repeat offender with the garbage…but then again, when stuff like that happens, it’s the owner’s fault, right?


2 thoughts on “The Bob Chronicles

  1. Wes so wants a dog but I am just not ready for it. I think I still have too many Cinnamon memories. Too bad I am not closer I could just send him over to play with Bob.

  2. Hey Dana, glad to hear from you!!!! It’s true, that it helps to have playmates who have dogs, but it also can make things worse as the kids get even more enthused about having their own. And boy, the puppy stage–I forgot what exactly that entailed. Like childbirth, the mind blocks out the pain of it…

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