Adventures in Kennywood


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No Pittsburgh childhood is complete without trips to the number one traditional amusement park in the country.

The park is pretty though some complain it’s too dirty. Of course it’s dirty, thousands of people traipse through it each day, littering, stomping, dripping with all sorts of debris. And there’s still an active steel mill across the river from it.

Please, I think we all know what the mills contribute to anything within its smoky grasp.

I guess I have low standards, but I love the place and I like it gritty, thank you very much.

5 thoughts on “Adventures in Kennywood

  1. Great photo of Jake and Beth! I surely miss Kennywood now that I’ve lived in MD for so long and haven’t been back there in ages. I am proud to say that I am a former Kennywood employee in games: Fasination-is that still there?! Anyway, Kennywood brings back great memories, and I will definitely bring Kate and Jack one day!

  2. Funny, I just went to an amusement park yesterday. It’s really a funny cross section of America that attends, and rife with people-watching opportunities.

  3. Kennywood looks great and the kids look happy — which is the main thing.

    I miss Teganuma Koen, the park we used to take our kids to when they were tiny. The equipment was a little worn and it was a mass of weeds, right next to the most polluted lake in Japan (seriously), and studded with cigarette butts and people’s trash. But parts of it were beautiful and we still loved it and made some wonderful memories there.

  4. We just went on Sunday, but only stayed a short time due to the storm that rolled through. I think the park is quite clean, all things considered. What I’m not sure about is being on the oldest wooden roller coaster or whatever its claim to fame (not from this area originally!) It’s great to have a decent-sized, but not too big park nearby.

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