Is this cute or what?


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There’s NOTHING on TV but foolish political commentators who make me sick to my stomach, though I feel like I have to watch just so I know what’s out there in the world.

And, then there’s this.

Kids doing something fun on a beautiful day.

Yes, I know it looks like the toddler department of Future-Yuppies-R-Us. But, it’s still cute.

10 thoughts on “Is this cute or what?

  1. Cindy, glad you like the picture…
    Dana–I do not golf though someday I might try it. Right now my “extra” time is sucked up by work. Most of the work, I love so it’s not like I’m longing to play something I can’t find the time for.
    Struggling Writer–thanks!
    Becky–I hear what you’re saying and yes, I’m sure the “mud puddles” are being stored in the recesses of their brains.

  2. I think golf is a little like skiing–the kids seem to catch on cause they don’t give a damn who’s watching and what the watchers think!

  3. Kids golfing without a windmill? Who would have thought? At least they’ll have a head start in the corporate world if they’re white collar.

    It IS a cute photo though.

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