Notes From Coffee Shop B


 This dialogue snippet comes from my favorite writing spot, the local Oakmont Coffee Shop. Now, just read it as is, you’ll get into a  groove as you go. This was the only end of the convo I could actually hear so you’re reading exactly what I heard and the pace at which the convo went was pretty much like you’ll find yourself reading it.

Some guy sitting with a woman: The man’s side of things:

Right? Right? Right to my face.
No. no. no. Don’t talk to me that way.
Nooooo shit.
Liar liar.
No you shut up.
We’re getting along real good.
You know that? Okay, okay.
I’m aware of that.
I didn’t. I did not.
No, no, I never said that I swear to God.
Alright sorry, sorry, someone should have told me better. Sorry.
Thank you very much (to Dave who delivers his lunch to his table.)
Listen listen, don’t start yelling at me. (the woman is barely getting a word in let alone “yelling” at him)
We’re not doooing this. You’re turning it around.
He didn’t say no, he just said come on, don’t listen to nobody.
Right? Yep. Okay.
Okay, okay.
I don’t have any place to live anymore, my rabbit’s dead and that’s great. Gotcha.
You’re claiming you’re an alcoholic now? Yeah? Good.
How’s your job?
You’re done, you’re done. I’m going to get this to go, here.
Have any snippets for me?


2 thoughts on “Notes From Coffee Shop B

  1. First off, I LIKE the new digs. Fixed the link on my blog.

    Second off…I have a question. These two were sitting at the same table, but you could only hear what the guy was saying?

    He sounds nuts. I mean, I can’t even figure out what her half of the conversation must have been! It sounds like she only made an occasional word and he flew off the handle at each turn.

  2. Hey Mindy, thanks for switching the link. This guy was agitated and the woman was sort of doing the shrink head-nod thing, not giving any judgemental feedback, just sort of reassuring him. What’s really strange, is I don’t think he is nuts, I’m not sure I would have posted it if I did–when he talked to the owner at the counter, ordered his food etc., he talked like anyone else–you know, with pauses conversation as cooperation type of thing. It’s like these two slipped into an alternative existence once they were seated together at their table.

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