Fat Friday


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I rue the day I dreamed this up. What stupidity took me that day? Oh tell me please so I may stave off its next visit…

Well, I’m still just 12 pounds thinner, but that’s a good starting chunk. I won’t bore you with the details of why, you’ve heard them all before–you know, the ones about M&M’s that leap from bowls and run down people’s throats without them even knowing it happened? Yes, those stories.

Anyway, I finally went to the Chisler this week…

Big, smelly prison gym-like place, ropes for climbing, rings for dipping, bars for chin-upping and a chart of workouts named after either women or fallen soldiers.

So, the group of regulars and the Chisler are sizing me up, commiserating about what they should do with me.

Woman A– "Just take her through the warm-up since it’s her first time."
Chisler– cocks head looking at me.
Man A–Yeah, the warm-up’s a workout in itself.
Chisler–"You’re right, come on Kathie, the warm-up it is."

And so, for forty-five minutes she warmed me up and the little heater did, indeed, feel like an entire workout. I did pretty well with it, but she totally took it easy on me. And, at the end of my warmup it dawned on me that she might then put me through the workout portion of the workout.

Thank God, she didn’t. I guess she has to walk a fine line between kicking ass and drawing new members in. Lucky for me, that’s the case.

9 thoughts on “Fat Friday

  1. Woohoo, Kathie, twelve pounds! That’s terrific news!! I wish you the best of luck at the Chisler–sounds like a haven of spandex and sweat that makes me shiver. But invovling yourself in such a venue works, for certain. Think I’ll go walk the mall!

  2. Thanks Judy, no, the chisler runs a gym that (in the case of ours, anyway) is the opposite of the spandex outfit. Sweat, yes, but spandex is forbidden along with wimps…so I’ll let you know if they let me stay…

  3. Twelve pounds is great!

    I am overweight, and I’ve just joined a place down the street (I can walk there! Yay!) called Pure Barre. My first day was a week ago yesterday, and oh my God, I have never been so sore in my whole life. So in 8 days I’ve done three Pure Barre workouts and one yoga class there.

    I’m the fat girl. Everyone else there looks pretty damn good, though, so there must be something to the workout. Persistence is key, I have to keep telling myself.

    Keep on keepin’ on!

  4. Hey Anti! Thanks so much. She kept distracting me with chit-chat during the workout, so it didn’t feel so bad! Thanks for keeping up with my progress.

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