Fat Friday

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Well, it’s Fat Friday again and the whole knee photo idea is yeilding very little as far as the naked eye is concerned. I’m just down another pound, but can you see it my knee flab, NO!!! Hahahaha.

The worst part about this whole naked knee shot thing is that for the three days following this post, all I see is my fat knee photo when I log onto my site. Poor judgement on my part. I guess we can all just thank God that I didn’t get really brave three weeks ago and post a photo of my ass.

These people here want to kill me. I call the woman who owns this place (cross-fit)  that looks remarkably like a prison gym "The Chisler." Here’s our latest conversation while waiting to pick up our kids from kindergarten:

Chisler– "Hey I see you walking every day. I keep telling Mike (her husband and co-owner of cross-fit) next time I see her, I’m leaving you with the kids and going walking."

Me–   Laughing, waving her off as I love to walk by myself, work out plots and character stuff. "Oh, that’s okay, I’m fine, thanks."

Chisler–"No really, I have all my equipment in the basement. We can just…"

Me–  Eyes wide, I can no longer hear what she’s saying as screaming images of what she’ll do to me in the torture chamber she calls a basement clouds out anything but impending pain. "Oh, no, no, don’t do that. I’ll come to the gym…"

And who knows where the conversation went from there…I can’t recall.

I already belong to one gym where I do the same walking inside that I do out…I’m going to go to her gym and have my ass kicked. I know I need it. I just have to get my car to go that direction is all. Oh, yeah, I drive right by it to go to Beth’s school. Minor details. Minor.

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