Draft of Life

Don’t ask me what that title means because I’d just have to say NOTHING., I don’t know, it just slipped to mind and there it is. It  means nothing except that I’ve finished the third draft of my untitled historical novel.  I know some authors who write ONE draft, one, and then shuttle it off to their publisher. And yes, these people are published.

I will never be that writer, I realize that. For me, there is nothing more fun than the first draft, when anything goes, and I’m working through the characters, plot, details and I’m not sure what’s happening with it. Until recently, I HATED revision. I think I was afraid that whatever words I’d gotten down in the first draft were the best I had, all that I had as a matter of fact. Revision was a huge struggle for me, but I did it, despising the process, wishing I was the one-draft wonder. Now I see how ridiculous that is, that my good stuff actually lies in the revsion rather than the original draft and I actually do enjoy the revision process.

Anyway, one more "go-through" of this while I’m working on my pitch for it and then it’s off into the literary world, with a big "YES," stamped on it.  Hahaha…one must be confident, The Secret and all that. Who am I to doubt the power? 

By the way…a post I did about a year ago called JOKEMONT, is figuring prominently into my life again…more on that later. I know I have you salivating at the thought.

5 thoughts on “Draft of Life

  1. Hi Julie and Cindy, thanks so much for the great support! I appreciate it and will head over to fatplum as I haven’t been roaming around the web lately and miss seeing what everyone’s up to.

  2. I think revision is my favorite. Don’t get me wrong, I still find plenty to complain about during all phases of writing. But revision is when the jewels really start to sparkle.

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