The animals are freakin’ out…

Fall is such a bizarre time around here. First of all, this year, it’s as warm as summer. Sunny, too. I want my clouds.

Secondly, I do feel as though I comment on this every year, but the squirrels and other wildlife are going crazy, rushing all over the place, ignoring the risks of oncoming traffic. I can’t stand it.

The funniest thing to me, is the way the critters are all sharing space, one squirrel tripping over a chipmunk and the groundhog lumbering past the black snake. They’re all constructing their winter homes and bustling around like Christmas Eve at the mall. It’s so funny to watch.

And that cute chunky ground hog. I love him. He’s new to the area, but I see him every day now, cutting across the street from my neighbors to the woods beside our house. By cutting across, I mean that he tucks his head and waddles as fast as he can. He wouldn’t be categorized as the defensive back of the rodent world. The squirrels and grinnies are the glamour position players, dodging and zigzagging their way around the world.

And then there’s the turtle, well, you’d be surprised to know, that when a turtle is not in the place he really wants to be, he can move pretty darn fast. Prreeettty fast.

Anyway, what’s going on around your home this fall? Typical fall days for you or scorching hot ones?

3 thoughts on “The animals are freakin’ out…

  1. But do you have raccoons, Kathie?!

    Fall’s been busy, school, a few kids’ activities and the build up to Halloween…the build up including having to improvise with costumes this year. I know I should be all gushy that I get to make the costumes, but I’d really rather be schleppy and buy them!

  2. It’s very cold here, and my cat keeps bringing in dead mice. You’d think that the mice would be getting smarter, but I’m sorry to say that they aren’t. We also have ferrets, weasels, voles, badgers, and pheasants. The latter two are not traffic savvy and keep getting creamed. I love to watch badgers trundling along, though: they make snuffling noises and remind me of middle-aged men in housecoats, thanks to Badger in The Wind in the Willows.

    Wish we had raccoons here, though…

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