I was browsing

the internet yesterday (wasting time, yes, that’s right) and came across a few video clips that might interest you. Or not.

I can’t decide if I like this show or not. It’s called Kid Nation and though I can see why people would question its ethics, the little bits of it that I’ve seen have been sort of impressive. What do you make of this clip???

And then there’s the show called Private Practice. It’s the spinoff of Grey’s Anatomy. I’m totally into it, but not repulsed by it or anything, so I’m giving it a chance. Check out this clip though. Sort of cliche especially when coming from the talented group that created Greys…

And finally, this needs no commentary…But I will say, if you’re not in the mood for politics and you’re not the type who appreciates making fun of the second lady then just skip this one…

Happy weekend everyone!

6 thoughts on “I was browsing

  1. I watch Kid Nation with my children. I kind of like the show, but find myself regressing a bit when I watch it. I want to beat the hell out of the little beauty queen, then I give myself a reality check, and realize I’m 36, I need to just hope she learns a lot more than her parents have taught her thus far.

    I’m not into doctor shows at all. Loving “Pushing Daisies.” It’s my favorite new show.

    Anyhow, just came over from another blog and wanted to leave a thoughtful comment. =)

  2. Thanks Beth, I appreciate you stopping in. I watched the first Pushing Daisies and abandoned it. I couldn’t buy the premise. But I’m going to give it another try based on reviews! I don’t know why I like Doctor shows so much…well, I don’t like House. I do think Kid Nation is interesting for some of the reasons you mentioned. In some ways, the show is amazing, that they are managing at all, that they have the wits to make mature decisions. I don’t know what it all means, but I’m sure someone’s studying it as we speak. Thanks again, Beth.

  3. Owing to our lack of a hooked-up television, I haven’t seen any of these shows, and when I tried to look at that link on the second lady, I was informed that it was not available in my area. Damn!

    It may be because I am unhappy with the current political situation in the States, but I have a feeling I might have enjoyed that clip…

  4. Kathie, you’re probably 100% correct. I did read something about “Kid Nation” and racism. They’re saying the show is showing the children in a racist light. Black kid riding on cart not helping (laziness), Jewish kid complaining (whiners), etc. I couldn’t believe this was actual real criticism. It sounded like RACIST criticism. Doesn’t it?

    I used to love ER, years ago. I loved House too, but can’t deal anymore.

    “Pushing Daisies” is about suspending rational thought and letting yourself be told a story, kind of like a kid. When I watch it, I feel like I’m going on a visual journey. I love the relationship between Chuck and Ned, but I am very sappy that way. LOL

  5. Kathie, just wanted to mention, I LOVE your blog layout. Did you do this yourself? I’m looking for a more professional layout and just was curious. Let me know when you can.

  6. Hey Mary, I can’t believe it’s possible that a video clip is unavailable to a particular area!!! I think you would have enjoyed the clip. If you go to Youtube and search Jon Stewart and Mrs. Cheney, it might come up as he was interviewing her on his show.
    Beth, I don’t watch enough of Kid Nation to know if it’s racist. From that clip it looked as though the kids were working through intolerant ideas, etc. But, you’re right. To say because a black child is the one riding in a cart, etc., means the show is racist does seem to be racist itself. Who knows…Cindy Closkey from http://bigbigdesign.com–did my website and hosts it. She’s fantastic, patient creative, and most important–patient with my utter lack of computer know-how. If the link doesn’t work in the comments here, there’s a link below. And thanks for the compliment–to both of us!

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