Ahead of the Pack…

I am again.

I blogged once about some part of life in which I turned the curve before the rest of American society, but I can’t remember what that was.  Hmmm, I really can’t.  Obviously a weighty, penetrating subject.

But today in the paper, I came across a tiny article in the Post-Gazette called Tap water:  c’est chic.  I tried to find a link to it, but couldn’t so you’ll just have to trust me…

The piece says restaurants in Berkeley, CA are touting their use of tap water versus fancy pants bottled varieties that, apparently, take a slice out of the ozone everytime they’re processed and bottled.

Don’t get me wrong, I drink bottled water.  When we’re in the car, at the zoo, you know, heading off into the suburban jungle, I’ll buy a bottle of water.  But if I had a dime for everytime a friend raises her eyebrows when I fill my glass of water straight from the tap, well, I’d be Queen of Oakmont at the very least.

People look at me as though I’m wandering through a measles ward without benefit of vaccination.  Or, heading into sunny neighborhoods without slathering the kids with exactly six quarter sized squirts of sunscreen per kid per hour of exposure.

So, look at me.  Yes!  I’m a freaking pioneer.  It’s good to be on top of things for once. 

11 thoughts on “Ahead of the Pack…

  1. Where I use to live, the tap was great, because it was the same exact water that they put in Arrowhead bottles, because thats the area I lived in. Now, a town over, a different county, the tap is gross. I dont care about germs, or whatever is in the pipes, but the water is just horrible tasting. Guess I got spoiled by growing up on bottled water in my tap.

  2. Jessie, that is a treat to live where you did. And it certainly stops all the gawking when neighbors head to the faucet! I know what you mean about bad tasting tap water. I can definately taste the difference in different towns, but I guess I don’t care that much. I always say I’m an easy traveler because I drink tap water and black coffee–any black coffee I can get my hands on.

  3. We’ve always had a water cooler in the corner of the kitchen, so the kids are accustomed to the taste. In fact, they cringe if I try to sneak them a tiny dose of tap to wash down a vitamin — in hopes of hittng them with a shot of fluoride. When eating out, they order Voss or the like. Like Jessie, above, it’s what they’re used to drinking.

    My brother made a funny observation about most people (not the purists, of course) who order bottled water with dinner. So often, they’ll pour it over tap water ice cubes! We get such a kick out of catching people in the act!

    Like you, Kathie, I drink from the tap most of the time. Why? I actually like the taste (here, at least, but not when vacationing). It tastes fuller, not flat. To me most bottled water tastes like just what it is — a bunch of molecules of H2O and nothing more.

    Kathie, you are a trend setter (I always knew it)! And now that it’s out of the bag, look out! People are going to be mimicking you!

  4. Judy, that’s funny about the ice. I never really thought of that, but it would prob. be true, unless in a very exclusive setting. And any place that used bottled water ice cubes, would certainly tell you and then charge ten bucks extra for an ice-fee.
    That’s funny you say tap water tastes fuller. You’re right. Oh well, I’m sure bottled water is here to stay, just glad to see myself a little ahead for once!

  5. I’m a tap water drinker myself, but I won’t take any credit for being anything other than cheap — bottled water is just too damn expensive for our budget! We’re very lucky though, our tap water here wins “taste contests” all the time….who knew we lived in an area that took their tap water so seriously?? My inlaws live in a town where you can SMELL the water before you taste it — and no, it’s not a nice smell. It’s tough to even brush your teeth with it. So I guess I’d be ponying up the bucks for bottled if we lived there….fortunately my kids don’t know any different. With our lifestyle, there’s no *possibility* for champagne tastes here! 🙂

  6. Well CC, I guess your kids will be like me when it comes to water–good travelers. There certainly are a wide range of tap water odors and tastes…

  7. I’m not picky about this myself. The fact is I don’t drink enough water–bottled or tap. But now that I know what the cool kids are doing I’ll definitely switch to tap. I always model my behavior by what they’re doing in Berkley. 😉

  8. LOL! Funny post, Kathie!

    I think the whole obsession with bottled water is an interesting look at human nature. Yes, I love the convenience of bottled water when I’m traveling or in the car, but when I’m at home, I drink the filtered water from the tap. As for ordering bottled water when at a restaurant and pouring it over ice cubes, well…that’s just comical.

  9. Hey Jaye and Kristine,

    Good to know I’m not the only one without fancy water tastes! And yes, what goes in Berkley, so goes everywhgere else, sooner or later…maybe decades, but it goes that way eventually.

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