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Well, my beloved “Friday Night Lights” is garnering some serious critical acclaim.  And not just here at Housewifecafe.  A critic with the New York Times couldn’t say in enough ways all the facets of the show that make it top-notch–the characters, the premise, the writing–it has yet to disappoint.

Well, I already told you folks that.  So, get on it people.  Watch the show, fall in love.  Couldn’t you use a little good tv in your life? Don’t answer that.

Okay, on an even lighter and less important note, I’ve selected a few quotes from Us magazine’s “Loose Talk” section to hold up for ridicule.  Yes, I realize these quotes are out of context and so on and so on, but still, they’re fun to work with:

“The only difference between me and other people is that I travel a lot more.”            Gisele Bundchen

You know, I said that exact thing the other day when I called Sports Illustrated to inquire how I might go about being featured in next year’s swimsuit issue–that holding my “tethered to the home status” against my modeling career was just wrong.  They said they’ll get back to me. Fingers crossed, baby.

“I won’t do nudity unless it’s for an Oscar.  Well, for “Fingerprints,” I showed the “side” of my boob.  Kristin Cavallari

Oh my, where do I start?  Dear Kristin.  Jennifer Hudson is one in a million.  Not that I’d discourage you to dream and do what it takes to get there, but holy shit, tuck that boob back inside until Meryl Streep is standing under the hot lights playing your mother.  Or your boss.

“When I find a bag I like, I tend to wear it to death until I become obsessed with another one.  This probably happens three to five times a year.”  Mary-Kate Olsen

Well, let me say Mary Kate and I aren’t that different.  Sort of like Gisele and I.  My methods for eating quite closely mirror the fashion/purse use habits of little MK.  That’s right.  At least four times a year I switch my chocolate obsession–first quarter of the year it might be Hershey’s kisses, then next maybe fudge.  It’s really very complex, yet spontaneous, so I can’t go into the “zen” aspects of it, but I feel very close to MK. Very, very connected.

Have fun this weekend!

5 thoughts on “Weekend Tidbits…

  1. Great post, Kathie! Very enjoyable!

    When I first read your Mary Kate quote about her “finding a bag she likes”, I pictured her wearing…say a Hefty bag for two or three months of the year! That’s the housewife twist, I guess. Instead of Gucci, I think Glad Storage.

    As for tuning in to “Friday Night Lights”, maybe I will. Every September, I say I’m going to get hooked on a show, but I never do. (Remember when I didn’t get caught up in Desparate Housewives?) Can’t seem to commit around the kids’ activities, homework, and all the rest of what keeps me from TV. But as a faithful Full House-rerun watcher, I do think Mary Kate could use some of what she had back in those days — namely some good old-fashioned baby fat!

  2. Thanks Judy, I know, little MK could use a some “Heft” about now. You would like Friday Night Lights. Although many of the characters are high school kids it’s not like watching 90210 or OC or something like that. They’re complex people who happen to be kids. I bet they’ll run the re-runs in the summer…

  3. This made me laugh. Very good start to the week… Hey, I bet Mary-Kate and her sister could both fit in one of those bags. And could those 2 ever smile or what?!

  4. Jaye, glad to give you a chuckle! Susan, I had a similar thought, but was trying to poke fun at myself more than them because part of me feels so bad for these people. I guess not that big a part of me because it didn’t stop me from commenting, but yes, technically they should be toting purses the size of their cell phones. And by that formula I could get away with a nice leather Volkswagon.

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