This one’s hilarious, but long.  If you watch thirty seconds or so, you’ll get the picture.  It’s very funny, though–kind of the ivy league’s/trust fund baby answer to angst filled rap called “Smirnoff Tea Partay.”

And the one below is just funny to anyone drawing breath–it could also be turned into one of those “Do you need to get away?”  ads for Southwest airlines or whomever does that ad.  Check it out… it’s called “The Copier”



  1. I’m forced to comment on my own post cause I can’t bear to see 0 comments…anyway, Love the post. Both videos are hilarious. What taste you have in selecting funny stuff for your fellow bloggers….hahaha…

  2. Those were great — nothing says Ivy League Gangsta like a sweater around the neck! 😉 I’ve seen the copier one before — too funny! That’s a great site, I’ve gotta look around it more myself.

    Yeah, suffering the post-Super-Bowl hangover today, dammit. But the party was fun and if my Bears had to lose, I’m glad it was to Tony Dungy and the Colts and not that jerk Belichick and the Patriots. I just don’t wanna see Peyton start gloating, that’s just gonna piss me off. I’m looking toward my other obsession now, baseball — how long until pitchers and catchers report? 🙂

    What do you think of your new head coach of the Steelers?

  3. Mimi, I thought you’d find that video amusing…
    CC, So far I love the idea of Tomlin…hopefully the reality of him is as advertised. I love that he’s young and he def. says all the right things. The good thing about the steelers is they stick with a struggling coach and realize the guy can work his way out of a hole…if they bothered to hire him then they stick by him. I love that about the Steelers.

    I doubt Manning will get a big head–his dad might, but I don’t think peyton will get obnoxious…time will tell.

  4. I am very happy you enjoyed my book. It’s always nice to hear that someone is appreciative of your efforts. Thank you so much for saying so.


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