Friday Night LIghts is on.  I love this show.  I’m not even sure exactly why, but I adore it.

Now, let’s talk old Katie Couric.  For the first time since she started the nightly news I watched it.  And something is wrong with her eyes tonight.  Eye surgery, maybe?  One of the things that always made her unassuming and like the rest of the world was her droopy eyes.  Maybe it was just a funky eyebrow waxing, but something was off.

Howard Stern is getting married again.  I knew he would.  That old Beth wouldn’t be able to stay Miss O. forever.  She’s from Fox Chapel, just across the Hulton bridge here.  Wonder if the big day will be here. I doubt it.  Howard will have six more kids in the next ten years.  Hahahahaha.

 The snow is beautiful.  The ice on every surface, tree branch, and bush makes our yard look like a giant jewelry box of diamonds.  Love it. 

 Hope all is well with everyone!


Buddy Garrity is repulsive and ridiculous beyond words.  Anyone agree?

Oh, and X-tina A.?  She has one hell of a voice.  Her Grammy performance was outstanding.  Out of all the girls in her pop singer “class” she’s by far the best.  And yes, she’s from here.  Pittsburgh.  I know, grow up, Kathie.


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