He’s A Boob

Someone I know used that phrase a month ago and I can’t quit thinking about it and laughing out loud.  I love the word boob in that context for some reason.

My old roommate used to hate the word Nipple–I feel like I’ve told you that before.  I can blame such mental weakness on age or MS, I suppose.  Anyway, we lived in a suite and the rest of us found it necessary to use the word nipple as often as possible.  Yes, I was a boob back then.  but I also drank a lot so I can chalk that up to booze, I suppose.

That’s right, nothing’s ever directly my fault.

My weird phobia is snaps.  I can’t stand them for some reason.  Just looking at someone in one of those western get ups, imagining fingers applying pressure to pearly topped snappys makes me shudder. 

I held my breath through four years of snappy baby/kid outfits.  I can’t imagine what happened to me as a child to have snaps make me sick.  TMI?  Sorry.

Hope you have a boob-free day today.

4 thoughts on “He’s A Boob

  1. “Boob” in that context is funny, no doubt about it. And no, you’re not immature for thinking that (neither am I, of course)! 😉

    And nothing is ever my fault directly, either….yet another thing we have in common! Imagine that — HA!!

    The snap thing is interesting….I have a similar thing with tights/socks. To this day, I can’t stand the thought of wearing tights (not nylons, I’m talking thick TIGHTS), and thinking about — much less seeing — someone rub their socks together is enough to send me into convulsions. I know where it stems from though — ballet class when I was little, wearing those thick pink tights that would give you a rash in between your thighs. UGH, I feel sick just thinking about it, my teeth hurt! I have to go detox now…. 🙂

    We’ve got Portillo’s dogs and Giordano’s stuffed pizza being shipped in for Sunday, and if you know anything about Chicago food, you’d know that I’m looking forward to blowing my diet and gorging myself on that ALMOST as much as I’m looking forward to the game….almost.

    Only 4 more days!!! I actually Tivo’ed all the Bears’ media day stuff yesterday and watched it last night….it’s an illness, pure and simple.

  2. CC, that’s mighty interesting–the tights thing. I can’t imagine that, I love tights. Just three days left, now, but it’s all down hill from here. The excitement may or may not be lived up to, this is the best part of it all.
    JC, I get the cotton balls. It makes my teeth hurt thinking about it.

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