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I just got back from the dentist.  I think I’m one of the few people in the world who likes going to the dentist.  I love the way it feels to have clean teeth, know there’s nothing wrong and you’re free and clear for a while.  That’s how I used to feel after sitting through mass when I was kid.

Out of the three of us on the trip (including me) who were Catholic growing up, none of us are practicing and of our eight siblings–one is practicing.  And 6 out of 11 of those people have switched churches altogether.  That’s interesting to me.

But back to the dentist.  Growing up we had our share of cavities which we had filled, of course.  But it was only a few years ago I found out most people had novocaine (sp?) when they got their teeth filled.  We never did.  Never ever. 

Is that weird?

17 thoughts on “Dentist Appointment

  1. I remember having novacane when I was a teenager but I don’t recall any younger than that. Do you think that you no longer are a practing Catholic since Bill is not? I find it so much harder since Duke practices no religion.

  2. Hey Dana, did you go to Dr. Plesco? I don’t think it’s that Bill isn’t Catholic. I disagree with too many of the Catholic “rules,” the way they handle controversy, scandal, trouble. I don’t look at the Catholic Church as a loving institution but rather a company intent on keeping it’s customers coming back with healthy doses of guilt and “what if’s” that make people think they’ll go to hell if they don’t. To me (and I realize there are prob. many exceptions out there) mass isn’t joyful, isn’t about living a certain way, and isn’t about anything other than showing up an hour a week to say you did. Even saying all that, I do miss some of the ritual at times (when at the presby church) but not enough to make me go back. As a matter of fact, the informality–the fact that the minister will say, “Hey Joe, what you said the other day about _____ that made me think about _____.” Makes me smile.
    The only time I smiled in church growing up was at Christmas (because there were moments of joy in that mass) mass and when attending school mass which meant we were laughing our asses off at someone doing something wrong that would land that person in Sister John Ann’s office. Or of course, when looking at whomever I was “in love” with at the time. I know I’m a horrible Catholic which is why I’m not pretending to be one. NOt that I don’t miss aspects of it…

  3. After a bad experience when I was seven, I have refused Novocaine, and I have a TON of fillings! I would rather go through the drilling without those needles, thank you very much. While I hear others cannot tolerate the pain of the drilling. Now they can just gas you and ease the whole thing which is (it seems) going to have to be the way I get my teeth done!

    I am riddled with anxiety over the dentist now. Why?? No clue. I am having a hard time making myself go! I know I will need some work done. and I HATE the way the cleaning feels. That stuff is SO gritty! Ugh. I cannot tolerate the feeling of chalky, gritty stuff.

  4. Gina, I too would rather have the drilling without needles (I didn’t have cavities the other day, luckily). Maybe becauase I’m used to no drugs, but I don’t think it hurts to be drilled. Needles, I hate, though. Hate em.

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