Rodents Gone Wild…

It’s happening right here in little old Oakmont, PA.

I’m just assuming chipmunks and squirrels qualify as rodents…I don’t mean to mis-define them.

But they’re going stark raving mad. 

I suppose all the scrambling is related to winter coming.

They’re literally tackling each other in their frantic quest for acorns and materials to line their nests.  Seriously I saw a squirrel and chipmunk collide full speed in my yard.  Then I saw a chippy running so fast he was actually leaping across the grass like a dog might.

I can imagine the conversations when the family of chips calls it a day:

Mom-munk “Oh honey, I’m beat.  Every muscle in my body aches.  Could you give me a little rub…on my left haunch…pleeeeasse.

Dad-munk “Are you kidding I’ve been scrambling all day…did you SEE how many acorns I gathered today?  I wasn’t on vacation you know…massage?  Massage, my ass.”

Silence from Mom-munk.

“No seriously…massage my ass, honey.  I’ve got a cramp.”

Okay, that was pitiful.  But everytime I step outside these animals either creep me out or make me laugh.  They’re out of control.  And the toads…don’t get me started on the freaking toads.

Hope all is well with everyone…Just to let you know, I’ve got an interview with Jamie Denton coming up!!!  Keep checking back folks.

5 thoughts on “Rodents Gone Wild…

  1. I just imagined your rodents all talking like drunk Irish men. Yes, I just watched ‘Open Season’ where all the squirrels spoke in heavy Irish accents. It was weird.

  2. Why, just the other day I discovered that a rather over-sized chipmunk has taken up residence underneath my neighbor’s AC unit! I’m just glad it’s not OUR unit. 😀

    We have millions of squirrels and they are all nerotic. But not as neurotic as our neighbors’ stupid dog, who barks at the squirrels as if her life depends on it.

    My dad (in PA) actually TRAPS squirrels and hauls them off to the woods…he HATES them! But he’s too squeamish (or too kind-hearted) to kill the little boogers.

  3. I have to admit, we had way too many chipmunks this year in my yard and neighborhood. My neighbor caught 38 in rat traps. I started putting out traps behind my flower pots after I’d replaced the flowers FOUR TIMES. enough’s enough with their burrowing. THey have my entire yard, can’t they leave my pots alone?
    I caught 5 which was enough. THe got the message and left my flowers alone after that. Word must have gotten out.

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