Big Bro, Rock Star Supernova and other misc…

Well, Boogie won Big Bro 7 but I think its clear America thinks Janelle should have…she was just a little too naive.

Even though I disliked Erica, I thought Will and Mike’s catch phrase of “Bros before hos,” and Boogie calling her a whore several times was disgusting even in the realm of slimy reality television.

Rock Star Supernova is whittled down to the final four.  All of whom I like.  Even Lucas has grown on me and I fully accept his liberal use of eye-shadow.  The song he did first tonight was awesome, though I missed its title.  Anyone who reads this blog knows how much I love seeing dreams come true and it amazes me how much untapped talent is out there, people who really deserve the lift these contests provide. 

Bill and I discussed that singers like Ashley Simpson wouldn’t make the first cut of this show, but because her sister is Jess, she afforded incredible opportunities.  NOt totally sour grapes…just an observation.  I know winning the gene pool is not such a bad thing.

It rained non-stop today.  Beth and I dropped Jake at pre-K, came home and baked an apple cake.  Beth’s a domestic Goddess and I can barely keep up.  You know I’m not.

After the cake was in the oven, Beth comandeered her umbrella, took off her socks and shoes, put on a bathing suit and took to the rain.

As I sorted through mail, she hummed in the rain, danced around the deck, and finally called me to join her.  We listened to and felt the rain coming down and she made up a short poem about the rain sounding like a ticking clock.  Yes, that was the only line, that the rain hit her umbrella like a clock ticking…

When we picked up Jake, he whined about the rain, ran to the car, ducking down as though he could slip in between the rain drops…and dove into the van as though the moisture stung his body.

It always amazes me when the differences in the kids present themselves so clearly.  The differences due to gender are expected even if surprising to realize at first.  But these things, the intricacies of their personalities that make them unique never fail to make me smile.

4 thoughts on “Big Bro, Rock Star Supernova and other misc…

  1. I’m watching Rockstar: Supernova too. From the beginning Dilana has been my favorite, and I still like her, but she seems beaten by the process. And as fake as this process is, it strikes me as no less vigorous than the reality of being a rock performer / celebrity.

    Can I take a moment to share how much I dislike the fraudience? Icky. (Cheap name joke stolen from TV commentator. Still a great joke, even stolen.)

    I think Magni is probably the best option left for the band: best musicianship, most maturity, closest match to the collective style (such as it is). That said, I think they’re going to go for what pulls the fans in, which will be … I dunno. Toby? Dilana?

    Whas-his-name skunk boy — who I like more and more each week, I should say, just can’t recall his name and can’t be bothered to google it — should have his own band. It’s admirable that he’s transformed himself to fit the situation, but I think he’ll be more successful in a more goth/emo/punk(?)/alternajunk thing. He’s his own breed.

    The band isn’t touring Pittsburgh on the planned schedule — surprise surprise — and I can’t imagine paying to see them in any case. But I will miss hearing commentary each week from the bass player Jason, who seems to have a clear vision of what he wants the band to be. Gilbey has a vision too, and I think he just lacks TV presence. Probably a fine guy in person. Tommy Lee needs no comment.

    But to my point. I am rooting for either Dilana or Magni to win.

    Rock on!

  2. Ashlee Simpson has had much plastic surgery of late. However, until they can mess with your sense of pitch, I think it won’t do her much good.

    Other celebs brought along by famous relatives:

    Kelly Osbourne

    And of course, we know of my unabiding love for the socially significant and brilliant Paris Hilton.

  3. I like your analysis, Cindy. I agree that Lucas needs and will prob. have his own gig. Magni has always been my favorite–not only because he’s talented and mature, but because he’s more mainstream that a Tommy Lee…I love when a band has at least one guy I could iimagine running into at the neighborhood potluck. I love Jason and Gilby. Gilby’s lack of presence doesn’t bug me, he just doesn’t add that much to the live discussions. Obviously, he knows his stuff. These two aren’t too far off the beaten path, but throw in Tommy Lee and there’s enough flash to go around. Maybe they should go with Dilana…I just can’t tell if she’s as unbalanced as she’s seemed on a few episodes? Could be problematic.

    Mom of Three, the list of famous relatives is long…prob. a curse and a blessing for all of them.

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