Bad clothing decision…

Well, I have to say that although I don’t dress ready for my close-up in STAR magazine, I am aware of the trends.

Though I don’t dress what would be classified as “nice,” I’m not stuck in another era either.  I just don’t spend the money among other reasons.

Now having just claimed not to dress out of another era, I admit that yesterday I did sport an element from the eighties.

That’s right.  The inside out sweatshirt.

I wore it the other day, not even questioning that this meant nothing other than…I don’t even know what.  It’s as though that fashion choice is lodged in the most accessible part of brain rendering the wearing of it perfectly obvious.

Apparently not to the 9 year old neighbor girl.

“Mrs. Shoop, do you have your sweatshirt on inside out?“  Michelle’s face scrunched into disbelief and horror.

“Uh, yeah.”  I chuckled a little at the thought she wasn’t aware of the worn out fashion trend.  I was only slightly red-faced that I hadn’t thought anything of it.  I mean, if I happened across a swingy, black and pink striped miniskirt, matching tights and leg-warmers, I wouldn’t accidentally tumble back into the eighties and don the outfit without a care.

It wasn’t until late last night that further consequences of the poor fashion choice could be upon me.

Michelle:  “Mom, Mrs. Shoop had her sweatshirt on inside out.”

Michelle’s mom: “Was she normal?  Slurring her words?  Stumbling about?”

Michelle:  “No, it was just there, on inside out.”

Michelle’s mom to Michelle’s dad  “I knew those Shoops were up to something.”

Hopefully Michelle’s dad would have an ephiphany and realize it was simply a reappearance of an old comfortable trend and not a measure of drug/alcohol intake…

Yeah, I’m betting he doesn’t come up with that one. 


5 thoughts on “Bad clothing decision…

  1. Hhaha so funny. My family usually doesn’t wear anything inside out (we dress like we shop at Wal-Mart hahah), but once my cousin went to get a massage and walked out of the place with his shirt inside out. I winked at him and said “must’ve been an out of this world massage!” hahaha.

  2. Kathie,

    I think wearing the miniskirt and legwarmers would have been more of a sign of mental disorder than an inside-out sweatshirt. What the heck were we thinking back then?

  3. Once I had lunch with one of my aunts at her house. My then-engaged cousin still lived at home — she would get married in a few months. Cousin (we’ll leave her nameless for this story) came home as we were cleaning up the dishes.

    Cousin started talking about wedding plans, saying she’d just seen her fiance and they’d resolved some issue or other. Cousin nonchalant, sipping iced tea.

    Bit of a pause. My aunt, sort of frowning, looking kind of puzzled: “Is your shirt on … right?”

    We all looked closer. Cousin was wearing her blouse inside out. Fully buttoned, but definitely not as intended. And it had been on rightside-in that morning at breakfast.

    “Oh,” Cousin says. “Um.”

    Blushes all around the room. Cousin leaves for wardrobe adjustment.

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