Magic Bed

We have one.  The most comfortable mattress on the planet.  And I’d know. 

On a given night I might be in three beds or a couch.

And I feel guilty.

Not so much because I have kids who call out in the night (responding by snuggling in with them renders me a “lax mom” in some books) and require my presence in their nests.  But because in doing this I’ve realized that we shortchanged them in the mattress department.

When I finally plod back to our room and nestle into our bed, the mattress creates a firm cloud effect that sends me into immediate sleep.  It’s not a top of the line mattress.  It’s somewhere in the middle of the choices. 

The ones we bought our kids were slightly below the middle–still not bottom dwellers in the mattress world, but what a freaking difference!  I don’t even allow myself to wonder about the most expensive ones. I may  never awake from my first sleep in one of those babies.

I suppose, the kids will be better off in the long run.  The journey from their mattress to their college offering won’t be so far.  They’ll be tougher, able to sleep anywhere. 

Like I used to be.  The Blue Room at University of Pittsburgh.  The Red Room.  Two of my favorite places to “study” in college.  Why? Because both rooms boasted comfy couches and love seats in the aforementioned hues.  The study process could include a dynamite power nap in between cram sessions if one was so inclined.  Now that I think about it, there were more naps than studying for me.  Damn University and their comfy study spaces. 

Writing that, it just seems gross (see germ post).  Picturing all the bodies in the room, lulled into sleep, sprawled all over the furniture, words from thick textbooks, streaming into their heads while catching zzz’s.  Oh, if only it had been that way–the osmosis part. 

It was perfect for someone like me.  A girl who clearly must have been comfy mattress deficeint while growing up. 

I see the logic now.  None of that time-wasting stuff, rushing back to my room for a snooze.  Who says parents don’t know best? 

 Sorry for the poorly written post…



6 thoughts on “Magic Bed

  1. Over the years, I’ve learned to sleep on just about anything. Military, and countless numbers of hotel beds have taught me. About the only thing I can’t get any sleep on is an old sofa-bed. The bar in the middle is brutal.

  2. When we got married we kept hubby’s old queen-sized bed that his mother bought him when he got his first apartment. We’ve been married seven years. Last week we finally got rid of the cement slab and bought a real bed. A plush, big kid bed with a pillow top and a 14″ deep mattress. It’s heaven, I tell ya.

    I was so amazed at the difference, the same day I took the nice, cushy twin mattress out of the guest bedroom and replaced the Spawn’s cheaper mattress with it.

  3. I’m glad I’m not the only one whose kids have cheap mattresses. I like your logic – it prepares them for a future of even cheaper mattresses.

  4. Okay, time for a little denouement… (is that right?). We are part owners of a mattress chain, and Jim has been in the bed/furniture business his whole life. As such, we have The Best Bed Ever Invented. And it’s hot and too squishy and makes a big lump in the middle and no sheets fit it. And Madeleine’s bed cost $10 at an antique auction. According to my husband, Dr. Mattress, you should never spend too much on a kid’s bed because they wear ’em out and they don’t need much more than a straw mat anyway.

    Our spare room bed was cheap and it’s by far the most comfy in the house.

  5. OOO, you’ve got a bunch of good posts here!

    My children’s mattresses are, sorry to say, bottom-of-the-heap. They all ooo and aahh over their father’s and my pillow-top mattress. Not top-of-the-line either, but definitely above the middle. I like your perspective, though — my children will be tough and able to sleep anywhere, right?


    I don’t have to feel guilty, right? 🙂

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