Jaye’s Blahg….

Check out her blog. She has great information about writing, expresses her travails honestly, and links to the best blogs. A wonderful place to learn more about writing and get to know someone going through the same thing.

One part of her blog that I love is when she links to tests that shed light on your personality, sense of humor, etc. There’s always something interesting and fun there. Mostly, it’s her that’s awesome…stop over sometime.

Sorry for the bad grammar…revision brain is upon me…fluish headache too. Or the real flu…don’t know yet.

4 thoughts on “Jaye’s Blahg….

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog–I’m getting the hang of it. I just completed a novel and have been submitting. Also started back on the novel I really meant to write first. So, I’m not on my blog as much as I intended but…….getting the hang of it.

    Your site is neat. Kudos to you on essay and novel. Keep going. Well, what choice do we have?

    Anyway, hi from what seems to be the vast kingdom of blogland.

  2. Thanks for blowing Jaye’s horn (?) – I thoroughly enjoy her site and her comments on mine. Again, the service at the Housewife Cafe is exemplary!

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