Dick Button’s a big Crank-pot…

Every skater’s on his last nerve tonight.  “Oh my God,” he shouted at a Japanese skater who blew out like five times.  As if that was her plan…then he scolded some chick for her skate laces hanging out.  He’s onery and he’s cracking my ass up.  Go USA!

7 thoughts on “Dick Button’s a big Crank-pot…

  1. I hate Dick Button. He is so very annoying. It’s like the good cop bad cop routine between him and Scott Hamilton, who, bless his heart, always finds at least one thing nice to say about each skater.

    And btw, with all due respect to Dick, he couldn’t do ANY of these moves these kids do. In his time, he was probably just skating around in circles to win the gold. PUHLEASE.

  2. I can’t stand the commentary. Most of the time I just mute it. But I Tivo everything, so I can watch both the figure skating and AI back to back. Life is SO good with Tivo.

  3. Yes, what was with the laces comment?? Did he run out of bitchy things to say… the big ole queen!

    What happened with grey-haired guy on AI? Is he still in? I loooove him.

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