A Few Tid-bits

1.  I’m glad ice-dancing is over.  Though I enjoyed it, if I heard the woman commentator say the word Twizzles one more time I would have to hop a plane to Italy and pummel her with something…I don’t know…marshmallows or erasers or whatever was handy.

2.  The speed skating is heating up.  A bit of tension between the American favorites in the 1500 (think that’s the distance).  Makes it a whole lot more watchable.  I’m embarrassed that that’s the case.

3.  Figure skating starts tonight.  Even sans Nancy Kerrigan/Tanya Harding type scuffles, there’s always tension, drama, and divaishness inherant and underlying everything that goes on.  Love that.  Again, face red.

4.  The Today show irks me, though I can’t replace it with the other choices available to me.  During their time in Turino, Matt, Katie, and Al have taken turns shopping for various items while the other two actually work.  Al went to a market and purchased produce on the air for everyone.  Do they really think we believe they’re purchasing this stuff with one another in mind, with their own cash?  Please.  Pelt me with Marshmallows.


4 thoughts on “A Few Tid-bits

  1. I’m sorry but Katie Couric bugs me. I also don’t like Kelly Ripa, which doesn’t relate to your post but I needed to get it off my chest.

    But I do love drama on the ice!

  2. I’m with Jaye. I used to think I was supposed to like Katie in all her widow-ness, but she’s got a little edge of bitchy to her that chaps me.

    I can deal with Kelly, though, because I don’t watch R&K (although I did the other day when Simon Cowell was on – he had to make everything some kind of weird sexual innuendo… creepy!).

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