Okay Housespouses…

You’ll see below that Maura has called us all into the gym for some training. We’re still working out how this is going to work, exactly. But please leave as many questions or comments for her as you want!

As time goes by you’ll learn more about Maura (she won’t be easy on you) and see your body change as you employ her simple though sometimes tough tips…not such a bad thing in the name of health, huh?

Get off your ass. I think that’s her motto though she hasn’t identified it as such….Check it out.

5 thoughts on “Okay Housespouses…

  1. Kathie, Happy New Year! I wanted to tell you (again) I think you have a great site here. I’m off work today, dropped the kids off at daycare (bad mommy, bad; no, not really), and am getting ready to tackle the last part of my book…finally. I’ll send you an email; maybe we can get together next month and compare our gorgeous, fit new bods after Maura whips us into shape. Thanks again for a fun place to visit.

  2. I got off my ass. I came into the living room. Now I’m writing here. Later, I’ll get off it again to get another cup of coffee. How am I doing?

  3. Mindy, you’re way ahead of me. I moved the computer into the kitchen to be closer to the coffee! A very sad state of affairs here. No amount of gym ass-busting is gonna fix my current at-home habits.

  4. Hi guys,

    Kathie’s email is down. She wanted me to let you guys know that she can’t post until Wednesday. See y’all then!!

    Kathie’s beloved younger sister, Beth

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