MJ Rose

She gave an informative and warm talk that will be a big help when my book sells.
Next week, right?

Her story of getting published was typical in that she was having trouble.
Unique, was her remedy. She pushed herself online, garnering a large list of emailers. This told publishers she had a built in audience even though her genre–psychological thriller–hadn’t been established. Her tenacious marketing proved what she already knew–her book was awesome.

Now, on to some of her advice:

1. do a marketing plan for your book. And not just that non-fiction piece. A plan for the next best-selling book (yours) will go far in demonstrating your seriousness in pursuing publication. MJ even noted an instance when two writers, equally liked by a publisher had them submit a marketing plan as a means of determining the one they would take on. Check out MJ’s site and participate in her every other month online workshop called “Buzz your Book.” She was fabulous at giving participants ,who offered their books as examples, several concrete marketing ideas. I’m sure that was merely a glimpse into what she could do with an indepth teaching situation.

2. She discussed the importance of “staying alive” in publishing. “That’s a minor miracle.” YOu have to be proactive. In coming days I’ll post some of the suggestions MJ offered for specific types of books. In every case, the ideas she came up with could be applied to my book. Yes, the one that’s selling any minute now….

Anyway, if you ever have a chance to spend time with her in any way, I would. She’s got a rich understanding of how this business works and is generous in sharing it with her readers and other writers. A special person.

9 thoughts on “MJ Rose

  1. Very cool. I read her blog quite a bit, especially every Friday when the psychologist comes in to help writer’s keep their sanity. Looking forward to hearing what she had to say. Did you take Buzz Your Book yet?

  2. Hey Jaye,

    I’ve been going to MJ’s site through yours for a couple weeks now. The shrink is great. Thanks for reminding me on Fridays. One thing MJ said on Sunday was “paranormal stuff is really hot.” I meant to say that in the post…thought you might like to hear that.

  3. Having attended the event also (met Kathie there in fact, which is what the heck I’m doing here all of a sudden…), I was impressed by Ms. Rose. A couple of things…The things she described as “depressing” probably weren’t truly so at all to those of us who have been serious about our writing for any length of time. It’s amazing that her online course (Buzz Your Book) has had a participant publication rate of 80%! That speaks extremely well of her and I can’t wait to read her work.

    I was amazed that of the books participants discussed, none of them were in the same genre as mine; I was heartened that some things she suggested as important steps are things I have either already done or already had planned on doing. Now if I can just finish the damn manuscript…

  4. I agree Heidi, that MJ’s numbers are amazing…both for herself and in supporting others. YOu’ll get that manuscript done. It’s not like you have a life or anything, right? When do you get most of your writing done?

  5. If you go to her site she has e-book available too. I’d love to take her online class, but I’m afraid I’m not ready for it. Besides, there’s the whole needing to write my book thing. Sigh. I really need to get busy.

  6. Jaye…I hear ya, sister. 😉 We’ll have to keep on each other, I think.

    And Kathie…the answer is the most blessed, wonderful time of the day…BABY NAPTIME! (The little booger isn’t cooperating today, though…)

  7. I can’t remember naptime. Jake and Beth never napped at the same time and neither naps at all now. Luckily that makes for early evenings…

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