Back to High School…

In the mood for a great short story that will catapult you back to high school? Try Mignon’s website, Thought Concoction–linked below….

5 thoughts on “Back to High School…

  1. That’s awesome. Totally took me back to those excrutiatingly long pubescent years again. One of my most embarassing stories involved soccer shorts too. Except in my case the rear end of my swimsuit got ripped out on a ride at a water park. I had to borrow shorts from the hottie boyfriend of my best friend. I was the only one there that day without a date… I’ll take crow’s feet over puberty any damned day.

  2. No kidding, Jaye. That’s hilarious. The stuff that happens in high school almost can’t be made up. I wouldn’t trade my life for high school for anything. But when I’m at Pitt for a meeting, and my car is swarmed by packs of students crossing the street on their way to the Cathedral of Learning, I yearn a little for those younger years. BTW, my car is not swarmed due to my exceedingly high profile life as a housewife (I know you were wondering) Pitt’s an urban school so you’re always driving through a throng of people.

  3. I see what you mean, Kathie, but I wouldn’t go back unless I could take everything I know now with me. Oh, the boys I would torture. Plus I’d know to invest in Microsoft, so that’s good.

  4. Hi Kathie – Thanks for linking to me… for the past couple days I’ve been trying to come visit, but I keep getting a Cafe Press error. ??
    Anyway, what Jaye said makes me recall some of the best dreams I ever had (no, not like that!). They always involve me being back in high school with my adult knowledge and having the ability to just laugh at some of the obnoxious teen behaviour. I’ve thought recently, if I knew then what boys were all about (hormones, hormones, hormones) I could have had a much better time.

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