was in E (Entertainment, Education, and Employment) Resource, not the City Paper as was reported to me earlier this weekend! Still, very good news.

Though Bill was pissed about the essay.
Said it painted him in a negative light.
I disagree.
Others I know disagree with him, too.
He was not particularly loquacious after reading it.
Ahhh, the risks of writing about one’s life.

3 thoughts on “Essay…

  1. LMAO…OMG…about 2 years ago when I first started my journal on AOL, I told my husband I was simply READING blogs and CERTAINLY not writing in one…well, my oldest daughter somehow found it and was reading it on the sly and we had a fight one day and she goes, “Well, why don’t you just go write it in your journal and tell everyone how much you hate your life because that’s all you do there!”

    OMG…I nearly DIED…so then my husband is like…”um…Karen, you’re not writing about ME are you?” And I dodged that bullet by saying that I only wrote nice things…OMG…I am such a liar!!!! Anyway, so now he knows about it but I have no fears that he’ll find my new one on blogspot because he’s basically computer illiterate and would rather walk through fire than sit in front of a computer and research where I might be slandering him!

    Hope things have calmed down on the home front. A silent hubby isn’t such a bad thing…

  2. Yeah, Karen. He’s fine. He’s actually a very good sport. And really, objectively speaking the essay was not bad. It wasn’t even about him…goes to show what a few ideas strung together, before the good stuff, can do to make people nuts.

    The essay was about how when I’m in the hospital or at the doctors for whatever reasons have been, I normally go by myself…I like to go by myself because when I can’t go by myself that will be a sign of something bad…well, he took it as though I was saying he was jerk for being bedside for everything we’ve been through in the last few years.

    I said you know me well enough to know if these things bothered me I would have complained a few thousand times before this…he agreed and then felt better. Oh, the written word.

  3. Just to set the record straight I was upset because the essay gave the impression that I was not there because I did not care. This is the farthest thing from the truth. Kathie and the kids mean everything to me and I would be there without question. I don’t believe it benefits anyone for me to go to every DR appointment and checkup.

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