American Male Salon…

….offers a day of beauty for men. Or something like that.
For $38 bucks a man can get a mini-facial, scalp massage, shampoo, conditioner, haircut, and style.

I guess it’s just the mini-facial that makes this different than what’s included in a regular haircut for a woman.

But the business itself offers pedi’s and mani’s for men. Among other things women have been doing forever.

I have to say if my husband called and said he was on his way to his mani/pedi appointment I’d be a little irritated.

That he had the time to indulge.

A friend of mine who has three degrees–two from Ivy League schools–called me the other day.

“Where do you find the time to write, Kathie? I can’t fit it in?”

“I squeeze it in–”

“Oh, wait, I’ll call you back. I’m at my manicure appointment.”

Yeah, no problem. I’ll write a chapter while I wait.

It’s all about priorities. It surprises me how little time there is to fit everything in. Even if you take the kids with you to do the basics like grocery shopping. The day is over before you get to anything else.

Its frustrating. But good in a way. Reminds me to enjoy this time with the kids, knawing at every inch of me, my nerves, my sanity. Because before long, they’ll be grown up and I’ll be bored. With enough time to write and get a massage. All in the same day.

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  1. Ok, the male manicure/pedicure thing kills me. I do not like girly men. I do not want some guy to have nicer eyebrows than mine. Case closed!

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