Martha Stewart Show

Okay, perhaps the reason I’m not as productive tonight is because I’m watching documentaries and reality TV (the faux documentary type)…but I had to say this…the guy who is one of Martha’s goons is so terribly annoying with his unlit cigar…

You mean to tell me, he can’t make it through shooting the boardroom stuff without sucking on it, fondling it, and basically looking like goofy.

Where’s his wife on this? He must be single. Or he simply never puts down the cigar and his wife thinks it’s actually an extra finger.

And Jim…how is this guy still married? He’s more obnoxious than anyone I’ve ever seen in my life…

And I know a lot of obnoxious people…who doesn’t, right.

But this guys wife just gave birth weeks ago. Can you imagine his wife? Exhausted, hormonal, and she’s watching her husband give jackasses a bad name on national TV. Is it possible this is an act and she’s laughing her ass off at his genius…

Dear Lord, let’s hope so. For the sake of the infant, please.

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