The Frantic Woman’s Guide to Life…By, Judith Burnett Schneider and Mary Jo Rulnick

This is an incredibly helpful book written by a friend of mine, Judy. And though, I think you should all buy it, I decided (with her permission) to pull out chunks of it each month to highlight and offer as useful information for managing your life…Because mine is already so manageable…hehehehe.

It is divided into months so we’ll be hopping right into October. Also, I’ll offer up some of the important stuff from the “Getting Started” section each month.

So, here goes…

Judy suggests that a useful aid when using her book is getting yourself a “Frantic Journal.” This can be anything, from a spiral notebook to a beautiful bound jobbie from the book store, to my favorite (which is not in the book) a legal pad.

Anyway, there are many opportunities to write lists and think about things that need to be done and your Frantic Journal is the place to do it!

One of the most useful things I’ve read in the Getting Started section is on page 7…The section called “Put Things Where They Land.” It says, “You’ve heard the cliche a place for everything and everything in its place. And that should be your goal. But in order to be sensibly organized, you want that chosen ‘place’ to be convienient and easy to remember.”

This is so simple, yet I’ve gone wrong with it so many times. Judy gives the example of reading somewhere that it says “put your keys in the kitchen on a cute hanging thing…” but you never make it to the kitchen with your darn keys…put the cute hanging thing where you naturally drop them…duh!

So, Housespouses, get your Frantic Journal and make a note to “Put Things Where They Land,” and let me know how it goes this month!

On to the idea specific to October!
One of the things Judy and her co-author do so well in this book (as you’ll come to see) is they offer doable ways to really plan out and execute all the little tasks that get away from us, normally.

Anyway, in October, they have me already thinking about Christmas Cards…don’t panic….smart move, actually.

Judy suggests creating a “Greetings Box.” (pg. 270) No one loves boxes as much as me so right away this appeals…
“Create a greetings box in which you’ll store everything from holiday cards and your master list to address labels, family photos, stickers, envelopes, gel pens, and stamps.”
Judy suggests putting these items in a plastic box and taking it in the car, to doctor’s appointments, the DMV, anywhere you have to sit and wait and wait and wait…your addresses, at least, will be done in no time!

Now don’t fret, my anal retentive perfectionist friends…this book is about getting it together over time…even if you just get this together to use next year, you’ll be happy! This has to be right up Mimi’s isle…I know it.

Anyway, if you have any suggestions to add, feel free to share them…and let me know what’s working for you!

6 thoughts on “The Frantic Woman’s Guide to Life…By, Judith Burnett Schneider and Mary Jo Rulnick

  1. My husband’s landing spot is the bed. So I put the coathooks in the bedroom, a place for his papers on the dresser. Meh…still lands on the bed. Last night I lay down on the bed minutes after him and I lay down ON his stuff. I sit up and tell him to move his stuff and he says “Oh, you found my stuff!” Yes, the stuff you put all over MY side of the bed.

    Wait, I’ve already commented about the Stuff on your blog.

    The Keeper of the Stuff

  2. Okay Kathie- anal Mimi is here 🙂

    I have already ordered my Christmas Cards (with picture of one adorable son) already!!! So, you are right, I really will like any more helpful hints….Do they cover the section on storing “soccer mom” appropriate clothing in the trunk of your car so that you don’t have to go to the 3-4 year old skills class in a slightly too tight business suit??

    and as far as put things where they land….I am going to start my son on that concept right now so that when he is 39 his wife will be impressed with him ( and maybe me ,too)

  3. Okay, Becky…I laughed out loud at your stuff story…I’ll have to relay that to Judy…I’m not sure even she could come up with a solution for stuff in and on the bed!

    Mimi…suit too tight? What are you smoking, woman? Judy would prob. suggest a plastic bin in the trunk with various outfits for just the right situation…I can’t believe you don’t do that already.

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