Best Vacation Ever…

It’s almost time to leave Tucson…and it was the best trip ever. My sister and I had so much fun hanging out, shopping, spa daying it up…and sleeping. Despite my never feeling rested, knowing I got all the sleep I did, helps tremendously.

I miss Jake and Beth so much and can’t wait to see them. Next time, they’ll have to come visit Pablo…the easiest baby in the world…Thanks BEth and Jon for everything!!!! Love you guys!!! Talk to you soon.

8 thoughts on “Best Vacation Ever…

  1. Glad you had a great vacation!! It’s amazing what a little R&R will do for your spirit and perspective. You need to post a picture of the new do.

  2. So glad you enjoyed yourself — I highly recommend doing it more often! And Tucson is a neat place, so different from here (my brother-in-law was stationed at Ft. Huachuca in nearby Sierra Vista last year).

  3. Kathie, it sounds like your vacation has REFRESHED you! Refreshment is a good thing. May your refreshment last you a good, long time! And have a safe trip home.

  4. Let me tell you ladies how gorgeous Kathie looks with her new hairdo! It looks fab. I want to get my hair cut like that when I grow out my bangs (trauma!). Anyway, we just had a great time. Kathie is the best sister ever and I always wish we lived closer to one another. We could really help each other out. Sigh.

    Anyway, we had a FANTASTIC time when she visited. I only go to antique stores when she’s here and she helped me pick out an amazing painting to go over our fireplace. Yay!

    On another subject, I was at work when Kathie arrived at the house. We have a babysitter, Barbara, staying with our son Pablo. Kathie waltzed in and began rearranging our pictures, decorations, etc. Barbara was horrified and later told me she was afraid of what I’d do when I came home-L O L. She didn’t know that Kathie has carte blanche to do whatever she likes. Her decorating helped sell our last house!

    Anyway, thanks for everything, sis. I miss you lots already.

  5. Thanks beth and to all the well wishers…I love decorating beth’s place, because she loves what I do, or at least pretends too…Jill, I need to redirect your link on my blogroll, I haven’t forgotten…thanks dana and susan

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