Writing Revising, Dying

Well, I pared out the extraneous crap that was hiding within the 413 page manuscript….And I added a subplot and more humor…I’m down 13,000 words, though I’m not sure I accomplished what I needed to (besides tightening things up–this I did do) . So I’m going to ignore the fresh hardcopy for a day or two and then dive back in. I love the straight creative part so much more than this…wait, this requires a lot more creativity, it just feels worse. It will be worth it in the end.

4 thoughts on “Writing Revising, Dying

  1. Yes, it will, it will be worth it!! I’m so excited for you…and wish that I was working on a book! You’re exactly right about the creativity issue…editing is so tedious sometimes, but it’s worth it… You’ll have to keep us posted–put up a link of where to buy the book when it’s out! I love collecting books by people I “know” on the internet…god, i’m a dork. Best of luck with the revisions! (remind me to link you next time you stop by…I’m so slow at that, and flakey, to boot. My bog is HUGE so it takes forever to republish the entire thing, which is required for a links update…

  2. Bored Housewife Lisa- – A dork? Please, you’re the cool girl in school…thanks for the encouragement. Would love to be linked to your blog and will def. let you and the rest of the world know when my book is published. Until then, I’ll just keep saying things like, “My Agent said I should this and she said I should that… Love the sound of it.

  3. Kathie, you’re so smart to take a break and come back at the project fresh. And good job sticking with it so far and making the tightening edits. It’s so hard, so you’re really to be commended! Kudos to ya!

  4. Hang in there, Kathie. The edits will be worth it in the end, but I agree with Cindy about taking a break before the whole process overwhelms. PS. could you donate the 13,000 words to me to help speed my story along??

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