Top seven things that suck…Top seven that rock

This list is total spur of the moment, tomorrow could yeild a completely different list…Give me yours….

1. war
2. natural disasters
3. multiple sclerosis
4. time–never enough
5. people without life skills and not enough help in acquiring them
6. power
7. Education system

Top Seven that Rock

1. music
2. time–I’m planning to live another 64 years…lots of room for everything.
3. people in education
4. human resiliency and opposable thumbs
5. tomorrow
6. my book (positive thinking…)
7. my family and friends…no one is luckier (me, not them)

Give it to me people–what’s on your list for the day?

8 thoughts on “Top seven things that suck…Top seven that rock

  1. 7 Things That Rock

    1. coffee
    2. working from home
    3. smoked oysters
    4. opposable thumbs (I’m copying this one from you, it rocks so much)
    5. sleep
    6. sunshine
    7. smiling

    7 Things That Suck

    1. dieting
    2. headaches
    3. bills
    4. two-party system of government (why only two?)
    5. television news
    6. wasteful habits
    7. chewing gum on the sidewalk

  2. Top Seven Things That Rock… today…
    1. full-day kindergarten
    2. scones and tea
    3. my slow cooker (I can’t believe I just admitted that)
    4. my book (too)
    5. my contractor
    6. my wireless laptop
    7. the toddler that just hugged me

    Top Seven Things That Suck…
    1. full-day kindergarten (can’t live with’em, can’t live without ’em)
    2. smokers at my son’s soccer game
    3. construction (the dirt and disorganization are killing me)
    4. Katrina
    5. terrorism
    6. the Power Rangers
    7. unmade beds

    Thanks… great site! I’ll be bookmarking it!

  3. Rock

    1. Chocolate
    2. Sunny, no humidity days!
    3. Flannel sheets in the winter
    4. Personal growth
    5. Steady paycheck (so I can focus on other pursuits)
    6. A child’s giggles
    6. My kids, friends and family
    7. Tolerance and understanding


    1. Extra pounds from too much chocolate
    2. Pgh residents that freak out at one inch of snow – sorry, I grew up in MI, what is it around here??
    3. War
    4. Personal growth – does it always have to be so hard?
    5. Intolerance, self righteousness
    6. Corporate american nonsense
    7. All the bad stuff my friends and family are going through that I can’t do a damn thing about

    [8. The fact I can’t make a simple list without being wordy!!]

  4. Thanks so much for your lists guys…they ROCK…I feel weird using that term, but it keeps coming out of my mouth…love that Cindy dittoed the opposable thumbs…coffee and working at home def. rank high in the worlds good gifts…Nikki, I second the contractor and wireless laptop on your list…My contractor came last wed. and tommorrow, will be done with my bathroom…left the house spotless every day…Susan, I come from a long line of snow panicked people…I’m sure one of us has earned a angry gesture from folks born to snowier locales…you should see MD when it’s raining…same thing.

  5. Things that suck…
    1) Mean people
    2) bills
    3) fat cells
    4) pain
    5) violence
    6) asparagus
    7) when your TiVo machine doesn’t get the last 5 min. of the show you recorded

    Things that rock…
    1) my kids
    2) my husband
    3) my Starbuck’s
    4) dogs
    5) chocolate cake
    6) generosity
    7) compasion
    8) the fact that it was much easier for me to come up with the list of things that rock than the things that suck!

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  7. I know this is an old post, but I’m visiting your blog, and I’m dying to try my hand!

    Top Seven Good Things

    French roast coffee
    cat sleeping on the right place — usually the part of me that’s cold, i.e. feet
    kids cleaning the kitchen and doing a good job, too
    letter from agent containing phrase ‘I love these pages and am dying to know the ending’
    sweet peas
    big hug from husband

    Top Seven Awful Things

    frozen shoulder and bad reaction from failed cortisone injection
    cat settling on the wrong spot, then getting peeved when moved
    letter from agent containing phrase ‘While there is much here that I like…’
    dead mouse on doorstep dripping blood on freshly-laundered rug
    leaking roof

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