Marc Broussard–Music Review

Okay, I love music. I write to music. When I am exercising, music blaring in my ears, I create my characters and see them thrust into bizarre situations all set to music…and so when I actually write, music becomes intertwined in my characters lives. It will either be seen as really cool or really dumb…but it makes me happy. So, I discovered on the morning that the whole hurricane debacle started, a singer on VH1…Marc Broussard…his song called “Home.” It’s about him going back to Louisiana after being on the road–a real bluesy rock song that is the best thing I’ve heard in a long time. Marc is twenty-one or something, but has the voice of an…I don’t know what…but it’s hard to believe the voice you hear comes out of the guy you see. The song has kind of haunted me since the whole hurricane thing, but pick up his CD called Carencro–it’ll be well worth it.

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