Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is a funny thing–it tends to run out. This is a glimpse into why I am a poor representation of a housewife. You can be assured that I will run out of lightbulbs and toilet paper as sure as I will take my next breath. My dad used to stock our entire basement with paperproducts and daily use items. When we went off to college, he would send us with bags and bags of staple items. So why I didn’t inherit this particular compulsive behavior, I don’t know. In our kitchen we have two overhead lights with three bulbs each. One of the lights went out on Monday. Rather than change those bulbs right away I decided to wait until the other light’s bulbs burned out. It is summer after all–lots of natural light to be had. Five days later both lights are burned out and with two trips to the grocery store behind me, I’ve still forgotten to get new bulbs. I don’t make lists. I need to make lists. Reason number two I’m a bad houswife–no grocery lists. Anyway, my heart skipped a beat this morning when at the early hour of 6:30 AM I was out for a walk/run and one of my neighbors–a very good housewife was on her way to the store for…toilet paper. If she could forget, then I can’t be that bad off, can I?

3 thoughts on “Toilet Paper

  1. Again, I say to you, don’t feel bad about it. I am an “essentials” hoarder. Yep, I buy in bulk…especially diapers, wipes, paper towels and toilet paper. Right now I have at least 4 36-roll packages of Scott tissue in my basement….didn’t do me any good when I ran out last night and realized, too-late, that I once again had forgotten to bring up a couple rolls and put them in a drawer within reach of the toilet. In desperation (and because they were the only plausible thing in reach), I had to use a wipey…it is very uncomfortable wiping with something wet when you are already that way…poor little babies and what they have to put up with every time we change their diapers (except for No. 2’s…then thank goodness for the wipes).

  2. My beef is that I almost never finish a roll, but have to refill it. Now my hubby is pretty good about replacing it…so it must be the little ones. I would not mind so much if it didn’t always happen during an essential time (ya know ladies). Oh well, what we must endure!

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