Sweet Sweet Music

While exercising this morning a song from long ago filtered into my ears. “I want Everything,” by Cracker seemed bring to mind the dilemma of the modern mother and also memories of a girl and boy in love. Yes, back in the early dating days my husband Bill and I went to HFStival in Maryland–moshed around in the pit, drank some, and suffered early spring sunburns. Hearing that song brought feelings rushing back–of being young and optimistic, completely unhampered by anything other than work. That feeling–if only I could bottle it. Sniff a little here and there when I’m in the toddler trenches. I don’t know. The calm before the stork, it seems like a good thing now. But really, when I imagine life thirty years from now, I know the insanity will have been worth it.

4 thoughts on “Sweet Sweet Music

  1. OMG the HFStival!!! That used to be AMAZING!!! Try as they may, the X-Fest just doesn’t come close. (And WXDX *wishes* it were WXXP, but don’t get me started on media consolidation and homogenized radio stations…).

    We will not speak of how last year HFS was changed into a latin rock station. Somewhere, in another dimension, Michael Hutchence is very upset….

  2. HFS is a Latin rock station? The prophecies are correct. The world is coming to an end. Maybe it was my age at the time I went to HFStival, but nothing compared after that. WEre you living there?

  3. I lived in Glen Burnie for 6 months in 1992 but made a point of going back that way a couple more times, just for the HFStival…The station isn’t called WHFS anymore, but it’s definitely that digital placement on the radio in that part of the country. 🙁 My husband and I observed several moments of silence when we realized this.

    There was a bar near Annapolis, attached to a Mexican restaurant (the name of which I can’t remember), where they used to have HFS night on Thursdays. It cooked, it was so fun. One night, I won a set of concert tickets during a “do your best bar trick” contest for sticking a beer bottle in my cleavage, and chugging the whole thing while doing a backbend. If I tried to do that now, I’d throw my back out. Or worse. The beer would get lost in my even bigger boobs and stink up the only bra I have that fits correctly. Plus, these days, it’s all about wine, anyway. But those were good days. 😉

  4. That’s hilarious Heidi. I still have good friends living there, some in Annapolis, they’ll remember the name of the bar. They were prob. there last week. So funny about the one good bra. Did you ever think there’d be a day when “the only bra I have that fits correctly” was uttered by more than one person in the universe?

    I’m incoherant…monster headache.

    Jaye, get cracking on that writing. And according to MJ’s talk, it’s never too early to start marketing.

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