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It’s Saturday August 27th and I have no recipe of the week. Just another indication of my houswifery weaknesses. A recipe–Anyone? Anyone?

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  1. Here’s my favorite snack. Quick to prepare (assuming you’ve got the right stuff in the fridge), not real fattening, and yummy. I can whip this up if someone comes by the house and I want to play hostess. I think even kids might like it.

    Almond Quesadilla

    Two wheat tortillas (size according to number of people)
    A few ounces of jack cheese (flovered jack cheese optional)
    Blanched, slivered almonds
    Sour cream (optional)
    Guacamole (optional)

    Shred or slice the cheese. Put a nonstick frying pan on the stove, turn heat to medium high. Put one tortilla in the pan (no oil or spray needed). Sprinkle cheese on tortilla, sprinkle almonds on cheese. Top with second tortilla.

    Let tortilla heat — watch so it doesn’t burn. (Peek under with spatula every minute or so.) When the bottom is crispy, top pan with a plate and flip everything onto the plate. Put pan back on burner, slide quesadilla into pan so the second side can cook. (Second side cooks faster than first.)

    When it’s done, slide the whole thing onto the plate, let cool for 30 seconds. Slice into quarters or eighths, top with a little salsa.

    Serve with additional salsa, guacamole, sour cream. Ole!

  2. Cindy,
    That sounds awesome! I shouldn’t be surprised that a single woman with several businesses and hobbies to her name would come up with something this easy…note to self, two kids and a thrust to become a published novelist is no excuse for not getting it done in the kitchen. Repeat, repeat, repeat.


  3. Quick Margaritas…go to package goods store and buy a bottle pre-made. When on vacation, why work hard (smile). At the end of August my mind will go back into real world mode…I promise.

  4. Margaritas??? This is the recipe section dear Nicole…what does this say about you??? Yeah, I know, you’re lots more fun than me. So be it sister.

  5. Margaritas and quesadillas! That sounds so much better than my recipe for vegan banana bread! Nicole, you are now a working woman-back to work! Ok, I will forgo my vegan recipe for a more fun one!

  6. Now Lisa…are turning back into a tree hugger? What’s with the vegan recipes. Can I know go back to calling you my hippy friend? Welcome home!

    When motherhood kicks in and you are at your wits end you can meet me for an all-american beef burger at Red Robins (smile)!

  7. Nicole, of course! I will always be your hippy friend…

    I am ready for that burger! I’ve been at my wit’s end for weeks! I just went to Red Robin last week with the family. Ladies, as you might want to know, I am not a good cook. Or let’s just say that I love to eat out more than cooking at home. Oh well!

  8. The words that drive me crazy, make me feel guilty too…what’s for dinner? I love it when I prepare a meal they all love and I know it’s healthy. But I tel you, I love carry out too! Sometimes it is just worth it! Not stressing and knowing that soon a good cooked meal is on it’s way.

  9. Okay ladies,

    I stepped up my housewifery game this week and made Cindy’s quesadilla’s. They were easy and superb. Anything with cheese, starches and nuts…how could it go wrong. I suggest everyone make them as soon as possible. I didn’t have margaritas…just to hear you bitch about it, Nicole. I’ll fill you in on my smashing quiche a little later…keep me in mind for recipe’s–simple ones please–take a page from Single Cindy’s cookbook…

  10. Tortellini Salad

    2 lbs. cheese tortellini
    1 bag of baby spinach
    1 bag craisins
    1 bunch broccoli chopped
    1 package thick bacon cut/chopped
    1-2 jars poppyseed dressing (Marzettis)
    1 sweet vidalia onion chopped

  11. Hi Jennifer,

    Thanks for posting this…For everyone else….I went to a picnic yesterday, hosted by Jen, of the tortellini salad and I have to say it is the best salad I ever tasted…

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