Britney Spears–I feel sorry for her

I’ve certainly made fun of Britney Spears plenty. But mostly I feel very sorry for her. Watch this TMZ video and tell me that life wouldn’t screw you up, too.

It’s a short clip and it’s sad. If that one’s not impressive enough, check out this one–this kind of hub-bub as she goes for ice-cream. It’s shocking to me–the number of people and cameras present. But I’m not sure she can exist without all that. I don’t know, it’s a nutty situation I wouldn’t want for anything. God Bless anyone who can live through it and be “normal” or healthy.

12 thoughts on “Britney Spears–I feel sorry for her

  1. I only run errands once a week, I bet Brit could afford a driver for that. The lifestyle comes at a price. Julia Roberts is my favorite hollywood diva…because she isn’t. Instead she took time off to raise her family. Even the Pitt-Jolies, or whatever they call themselves, left tinsel town to raise their kids. I feel sorry for Brit only in that she hasn’t found the right kind of help to straighten her out.

  2. Someone with that sort of fame and adulation, at that young an age, would need to either be exceptionally bright and grounded or else have someone in their life to provide some solid guidance in order to come through it all unaffected.

    This girl had neither. We’re watching a tragedy unfold here, and we all know how it’s going to end. The only question is “when?”. That’s a real human being there, and she’s somebody’s mother, and she is going to die. Soon. Whatever her transgressions, that’s just sad.

    I think Craig Ferguson said it best.

  3. I would imagine that growing up with no one every saying “no” to you would in some cases have deleterious effects.

    I think she is mentally ill. She needs help, as does La Lohan.

  4. Hey Anti-wife, I def. think it can be done, but there is no shortage of E! True Hollywood Stories for a reason. I’d like to think I’d handle it all with all the tools in my middle class, do the right thing at all times tool box but I’m not sure it couldn’t all get away from a person…but you’re right, it can be done.
    Kathy, that’s what makes me think her issues are deeper than she just drinks too much. She has the means to portray herself as a “responsible person” and she can’t get it together to even do that…not that I’m a shrink or anything…
    Bob, you’re right, I’m sure her age plays into things, the way she almost behaves like a pre-adolescent girl instead of even a diva of sorts. I agree it’s a very sad story and I hope she gets it together to change the path…
    Beth, I guess it’s what we all claim to want at a young age–independence, etc. and I guess most of us are lucky enough to have parents or other adults to tell us when we’re assholes…
    thanks to all of you for commenting.

  5. Beauty, youth, fame, lots of money, and not a lick of common sense in sight — that’s a good recipe for disaster. Back in the days when I had modest amounts of the first two, I also had a wealth of people around who were only too eager to let me know when I was being an asshole. I didn’t appreciate it at the time, but now I see what a gift that was.

  6. I’m not even sure why the internet is even interested in what the woman does with her life, but she is certainly front page news. She seems like a sweet girl to me.

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