Law and Order

I adore that show–all versions of it.

But they’ve hit a low point tonight with Criminal Intent.

They took a page from the Murder She Wrote script book.

Which, by the way, I love that show, too so saying L & O sunk to a new low isn’t accurate, but it was all that came to me.  Yes, I realize liking MSW  puts me on par with 75 year old women, but I used to watch MSW every day.  Qunicy, Magnum PI, Columbo, and that show with the guy who’s now playing a superhero, but used to be a detective…my mind’s really going now…I watched those all the time before kids.  But I am 75, right?


Law and Order is using the idea of a war re-enactment gone wrong as part of their plot.  Well, the first thing that came to mind was the civil war R.E. on Cabot Cove in 1985.  Old Henry May (or whatever his name was) bit the dust in just the same way as the guy on Law and Order.

Good stuff, either way you see it.

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