Is it possible…

…that the Steelers are losing because in a moment of near disaster I used my terrible towel as an oven mitt?

…that my journey to publication has been temporarily twarted by good luck in other areas of my life?

 …that the thousands of yellow jackets who hollowed out a giant hole in the yard are only sleeping in the cold?

 …that 5 year old Jake really can tell the difference between a nice strange old lady and the boogyman stranger he’s not supposed to talk to?

…that Oprah would give me a million bucks–just for the fun of it?

…that, well, I’m out of stuff.  How about you?



3 thoughts on “Is it possible…

  1. Kathie, #1 is killing me! I’m passing this on to Jim, who buries his head in his old Bettis jersey every Sunday. And #3, yes. It is probable, actually. Can you find the hole? Pour some gasoline down there and have a litte BBQ.

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