The Verdict is in…


In this world of complexities and nuance, the jury is in, though still not sure about the verdict.

We think Jake shot the finger.  He used it again in the same context.  After I collected myself, laughing in private at how funny it looked.  I gave him the lightbulb treatment.

Basically he stuck to his story.  His friend supposedly shot the bird at the movie screen on Saturday.

His friend, as perplexed as Bill and I, says he was shooting a spidey web at the screen.

This is all amounting to some weird mis-understanding on the part of Jake.  Or not.  He did use it in the right context, though his friend, truly has no idea what his parents are getting at.  And they’re not denial type, my kid is innocent parents. 

We did stress that whether Jake meant to shoot the bird or not, he is not to employ it as a means of communication.  He gets it.  We don’t.  Or at least I don’t.  I may be engaging in denial parenting, but I questioned him hard…

I know you’re laughing at me.  Please don’t let me be one of those parents.  HOpe this is not a giant sized step in that direction.

One thought on “The Verdict is in…

  1. Perhaps he used it in the right context but with the Spidey meaning. So when you said, “Jake, pick up your toys,” he shot his Spidey finger at you hoping a web would shoot out and cover your mouth. Either way, I would not dare laugh at you.

    The other day we went to lunch with a friend of Austin’s and when we left he said “That boy in the play area was stupid.”

    I gapsed. The interrogation began and sure enough he heard it from his friend, a long-haired vixen named Hale who has already decided Austin will be her husband. Over my dead body.

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